Weather forecast improves

40% chance of rain in the afternoon, and only 20% in the evening.

That was the first thing I checked this morning. I'm still going to bring my dollar store poncho, just in case.

12:37 pm.

Just stepped outside.

Blue skies to the west!

No matter what...


They don't belong in spectator events.

blue skies sunny in winona 108pm. woman on weather network is a big cat fan , so we got hope.

What.... you mean I can`t bring my Tiger Cat Golf Umbrella?? :smiley: :wink:


You know, I was joking, right!!

Cross your fingers...

40% chance of thunder-storms.

Unfortunately, I don't know the chance of a Tiger-Cat victory.

  • paul

I’d say about the same.

In the heat of the summer, I’d say a 40% chance of showers is about as good as its gonna get. That’s a pretty good outlook for tonight.

we posted at the same time, i wasn't referring to you at all.

That's for the afternoon!

This evening is 20%.

Jerkfaceloser wrote,

we posted at the same time, i wasn't referring to you at all.

Sorry, JFL, wasn`t sure if you took me literally.

So.... that adds up to a 60% chance of thunderstorms.

Lot's of rain would better for the Cats. Stymie the passing game for the Argos.

Just started coming down hard here on the Mountain..