Weather Forecast For Game Improving

8) The latest forecast for Monday's game is not mentioning any rain now !!!
  Mostly cloudy, high of 8 C and low of 2 C.

  If that holds true, it will be perfect football weather.    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->
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Environment Canada says 40 % chance of rain tomorrow. I’m not sure what the forecast is for 4:30 to 7:30 though.

who cares about sundays mondays weather on that link you provided us that we are worried about..the game is MONDAY not Sunday.

according to that link, it says 60% chance of showers, high of 10 for Monday


Long Term Forecast

Monday Oct. 12

Variable cloudiness

P.O.P. 40%

High 8°C

Low 2

Wind S 10 km/h

Winterpeg picked up 12 cm (5") of snow today, the cooling weather is to their advantage not ours.

Bishop is taking "ownership" of that team, and if we let up one tiny bit, they'll be all over us like a monkey on six feet of rope.

Its going to be a tough game, and no forgone conclusion, a good test for the Tabbies, given they must play Montreal afer a short week break...

Yes -12C in Regina - plus windchills yet they still get 30,000 in the stands!!
Ticat fans won't come out if its colder than 12C!!!

Yes the weather has been brutal - 20cm in parts of the west. Denver had their earliest snow ever and the Rockies baseball playoff was cancelled.

So much for Global we sue the Liars Al Gore and Davaid Suzuki!!!
After the past three summers its Global Cooling!!

The Weather Network [link above]

Here in Hamilton there is still a 40% chance of rain but less than 1 mm,

Now the high temperature has rocketed up one degree to 9 celcius.

the wind direction has changed from the South to the West,

Just looked up the hourly forecast. The rain is supposed to hold off until after 9pm now. Wooo Hooo :rockin:

Stick to football jaybird, you clearly don't know anything about the science of climate change.

Got my Toque and Gloves Ready .. :smiley:

Welcome to the Great Cold North

Hmmm, science? of climate change? I might call it the very soft science of climate change due to the wide range of probabilities of what “might” happen according to the experts and their soft calculations. :wink:

and....the BBC today reported for the first time that the earth is cooling. yes you can go on line and read it. Guys like you will believe the liars like Gore and the panickers like Suzuki. there is no global warming!!

It’s undisputed that global warming as a long term concept is not proven as 2 + 2 = 4. And that is soft science, it takes hundreds and hundreds of years at least to start making any conclusions that are reliable and valid and that is with top notch data record keeping. And how long, for how many years do they have super tight data? Not that long.

Ignorant! People like you were also people who thought the world was flat or that the stars and sun rotated around earth! lets keep on FOOTBALL related weather! Looks like its GOOD football weather...well any weather is good football weather!:stuck_out_tongue: hahah

and....the BBC today reported for the first time that the earth is cooling. yes you can go on line and read it. Guys like you will believe the liars like Gore and the panickers like Suzuki. there is no global warming!!
I WONDER if the polar ice caps read the BBC ? Cuz' that would CERTAINLY be NEWS to them !!!

For ANYBODY to DEFEND the current trajectory this planet is on, as it pertains to the release of CARBON into the ATMOSPHERE, is IGNORANT, and LAZY ... cuz' there is a BETTER WAY to live. PERIOD.

I would venture a GUESS that anyone still in DENIAL of the PROBLEMS facing FUTURE GENERATIONS, as they relate to the ENVIRONMENT; either don't have children, or don't give a RATS A$$ about them.

Living in Hamilton, with 2 children with CHRONIC Respiratory issues has really OPENED my eyes to such environmental issues as AIR QUALITY and water quality. As such, it caused me to take my HEAD out of my A$$ some time ago.


We don't have kids Mean but no offense my friend but unless the data is exellent and tight, then there is room for interpretion, whether you have 50 kids or whatever, we don't have kids as I say but I do care about the earth after I leave this planet for my current body and consciousness, which now I'm 53 and one half, probably about another 25 years give or take 10 years. I do care. But the science is soft my friend on future predictions, it's predicting science afterall. I understand emotions are important, but let's get to as much science as we can, and it's soft.