Weather ! for tomorrow game

60% chance of rain with chance of lighting
Pounding it with lumsden up the middle !

They always light a night game.

haha sorry lightning

sounds great! :smiley:

nothin better than sitting in the rain, downin beers (pops in my case), watching Jesse Lumsden pound the alouettes defence.


and a unknow rookie starting at middle linebacker for the als! :lol:

Tomorrow is the 1st time I'll have been to a home Cats game in like 15 years (lived in the states for a long time) but when I was little and lived in Toronto my dad used to take me out to TiCats games (he's a HUGE fan ... actually played a year with them way back when) and that scenario just sounds PERFECT! Nothing like stadium full of soaking wet Cats fans going BANANAS~! :rockin:

unforntaly I can't make it just found out now :frowning: Because my father is working. It suck. But i will be down there for the rider game for sure

“The weather forecast for tomorrow night: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning. … What we have here is a Canadian low, which is not to be confused with a Mexican high.”

R.I.P. G.C.

Alright jen dub!

Make sure you're there early. Check out the tialgating, and I'd recommend entering the stadium no later than 6:30 so as not to miss the pregame show.

Weather Report:

Morning we'll be waking up to a nice warm sunny day. In the afternoon it will start to cloud over, and unfortunately, a storm coming from East heading West and we'll be hit with a storm around 7. It will be an all out Alouette Storm :twisted:

Around 8:30, near half time, there's a slight chance the storm will ease off, unfortunately we are still looking at a wet climate. Not due to rain, but due to the tears of Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans :lol:

You never know with these meteorologists, but I have a feeling this guy is right!

Happy Footballing!

It will be Montreal Crying their Warm Molson Golden.
What Ya Going to do when Casey Printers and Ticats Go Wild on you ..


Now they're saying 60% for the afternoon (1mm) and clear and 10% for the evening.

Still Pound it with the lumsend!

In my expierience of being a seasons ticket holder (which is my whole life btw), having rain could go two ways, depending on how the game is going.

A) We are losing, in which case the rain makes us even more cranky and loud,


B) We are winning, in which case the rain makes us even happier and more loud!

Either way, it works in our favour because it will make us even louder!

We really need to show the nation what great not fair-weather fans we are tmrw night, with the league opener! :slight_smile::slight_smile: