weather for today looks Crappy

Everyone better bring a coat when going to get rain.

That means Protecting the ball is more important then normal

which should mean more touches for the rb's - hopefully. maybe we will see what lumsden/holmes can really do when they get the ball more than they have been.

I don't care if a hurricane runs through the city... nothing is going to dampen my spirts!

wish i could say the same. but my spirit has been beaten into submission. you know it’s bad when everybody is just hoping for a competitive game.

..And you know it's pretty bad when everybody is just hoping to see a touchdown scored. Boy that Maas is my hero!

Crappy Weather? That's FOOTBALL Weather BABY!!!

light showers with a warm temperature is football weather?

i think of football weather as below zero temperature and a blizzard

now thats football weather!