weather....bah humbug

seems to be way too many bad weather games to start this year.

Weather will be dandy in Hamilton and Ottawa later this week.

Yup. Will be an absolutely perfect evening tonight at THF with it sunny, about 25C with low humidity and light winds. The only caveat for those of us in the east stands - bring your sunglasses. For much of the first half the setting sun will be right in our eyes.

Sounds like a perfect night for football. Wish I could be there — should be a great game.

It is supposed to be 32 degrees without humidity Friday night in Ottawa. It's going to be toasty.

Bad weather makes great television.

speaking of weather, how much was Ottawa city affected by the tornado that crossed just to the north.

I know there are more important issues, but I cant do anything about them, just wondering if any effect on the game or players?



Today's game will proceed as scheduled.

We encourage fans to take public transit to minimize traffic with road closures and intersections without power still abundant.

Stay tuned for more about the status of our tailgate.#RNation #Ottawa[/b]

5:56 AM - Sep 22, 2018