Wear RED on Fri Aug 3rd Home Game

As a lot of you probably already know, presently some people wear red on Fridays to support our troops.

I am not starting this thread to debate if our troops should be over there or not. We may not always agree with government decisions, but I think we still need to support our troops.

The ticats have three home games this year on a Friday. Oct 26 against BC and Sep 21 against Calgary are two of the dates but I no not think we should wear red to those home games as it will look like we are supporting the other team.

So I would like to suggest that for the home game on Friday August 3rd against Winnipeg, we all wear red to support our troops.

I am starting this thread early so that there is plenty of time for people to get ready for it.

So PLEASE lets not debate the issue of their deployment in this thread. Thank you.

I'm in. I'll be wearing my red "Support our Troops" shirt. Great idea. :thup:

I leave on August 25th for Basic Training in Saint Jean, PQ.

I think this is a great idea.

Nice idea . Wouldn't it be nice is someone would be a sponsor and perhaps pass out red ribbons . That we could still wear out black & gold and wear red to support our troops. I agree not mattter what our opinions if our troops should be where they are now ; they still deserve our support .

I’m down…I have my red shirt. shorts and socks…

Im bleeding all over

my buddy leaves in august to goto the army, me and all my friends from around will be wearing red at the game

thats the same time and place when he leaves, maby you guys will meet up.

Small world, eh?
Yeah, they're sending me by train to Montreal on August 25th and I start my training on the 27th.

I think they only start one class at a time so chances are we'll be in the same group/platoon... whatever they call it!

thats crazy stuff, i dont know much about that but i know hes doing infaltry or whatever it is where you go into fight and what not. what are you doing or is it all the same

All the best to all of you and your friends. You make us proud just doing what you do. Some may disagree with our country's involvment in this conflict but i just hope that they respect the fact that these young men and women have offered the biggest sacrafice they can for us and our country. Be safe and come home. Happy Canada Day.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sorry But Where Black and Gold

Sorry Onknight, but do you ever think before you type? What they are saying goes beyond team colours.

God's Speed to you and thank you for serving our country.

Can we get some red TiCat teeshirts made up in time?

Here is my red shirt

Thanks guys!

Deciding to join the Armed Forces is something that I am very proud of. I just hope that I can end up representing our country the best I can!

Like I said, we are proud of you, and please come home safe and sound. You are the class of all of us and we appreciate your efforts. You should drink for free wherever you go. All the best, my thoughts are with you.