everybody wear orange to the game and lets force the riders tons of false starts

I think it would be great if most people at the game wore orange. The only problem with that I have is last time i went to a lions game when they called for the crowd to wear orange, it really didn't work. Just putting that out there. Lets get it loud in there no matter what colour we are wearing.

i got two lions jerseys, one black and one white...got a green and army style lions shirt and another cream one...non of them orange...if i could afford an orange jersey then i would...but i am naturally loud, so i'll make up for it!!!

go lions go

Love to see everyone wearing orange (or black if they don't have orange).

More importantly, I'd like people to make lots of noise when we're on defence and SHUT UP WHEN WE'RE ON OFFENCE! Why is it that the wave always starts when we're on offence. I've never understood that. I'm glad they pulled the "Shhh.... offence at work" sign out last game against Calgary but they really shouldn't have to do that.

Please, if you see someone in your section trying to start the wave when we're on offence, tell them to wait until we score our touchdown and kick off before getting into the wave.

KJ used to play in the NFL where the crowds are huge - 60 - 90 K. Need a lesson on crowd noise and fan's knowledge? Just read the Saskatoon star Phoenix tuesday edition where KJ states" 28,000 sounded like 60,000. i can guaranttee there will be noise there, although probably because of the RIDER NATION. Even Higgins said "these are very knowledgable fans.

It will be noisier than it was in Regina simply because of the dome aspect. And the noise effects the entire offense not just KJ. Burris stated that the noise didn't bother him in Regina last week but his O-line took quite a few penalties because of it.