Wear an armband for Charlie

Let's show Charles Roberts that we are proud he was a Blue Bomber. Wear a black armband to Sunday's game to show Charlie that he will be missed in Winnipeg.

And in return, Charlie will wear his 2008 Grey Cup ring in December.


My god, the guy got traded not shot down in cold blood ... already have BB FANS balling there eyes out!! WAKE UP!! WHAT NEXT? retire number 1? wear number 1 on our helmets? GET OVER IT, IT'S DONE, HE'S GONE AND WE FINALLY HAVE A RUNNING GAME THIS YEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Wow...calm down! Obviously you weren't a big fan!! All I want to do is show Charles Roberts some support.

i was a fan of chuck, but i know that this is a business and in real life, all good things MUST come to an end and changes needed to be made. Believe me Roberts was just the beginning of another rebuild and more moves are a'comin. Let's face the facts, HE ASKED TO BE TRADED BY NOT PLAYING AT 100% ALL YEAR, now either he lost it or just didn't give a damn about the Bombers as his 3 yrd rushing average suggests. It is time for new blood, starting with a struggling Roberts followed by Milt and Simpson, younger players are in need NOW, not 2009.

I know Smith isn't younger than Roberts, but he is the power back that the Bombers playbook is designed for (see Roberts running up the middle most of the year and getting squashed)

ya and a crappy new opffensive system taking away from the skilled back he is didn;t help that. ya do us all a favour and pull your head out of your a$$

don't like the trade but thats sports
roberts was a great bomber and who knows smith will more likey be just as great time will tell.
so stop the crying and swearing about it and lets get on with the game.
oh and by the way most of the pepole crying are not season ticket holders i bet. :thup:

I have to agree with you here. The Bomber's should have used Roberts more effectively. Our OL are plain shriners with helmets on. Sheridan went awol; it was for that reason.

yeah great idea wear an arm band :roll: please

Plain and simple, it was a boneheaded trade. All it does is give B.C. yet one more weapon. The league might as well mail them the Grey Cup right now!

You must be on fantasy Island funniest thing i heard today :slight_smile: B.C. still has lots of issues especially at QB, Roberts is good but not that good to see big changes in the play of the Lions.

Plus, there's no way I'd start Roberts ahead of Logan right now.

Charlie amounts to three things: an insurance policy for Logan if he gets hurt, an insurance policy for Smart as a returner if Smart gets hurt, something...anything in exchange for Smith, who was done in BC regardless.

And even at that BC didn't want him unless the Bombers ate a chunk of his salary.

Given that Smith was never to dress again, the trade makes the Lions a little deeper in a couple areas, but really no better in terms of their starters.

good post Artie and Beau, people are still whining in the papers, on the news and i am sick of hearing it, by the way i am a season ticket holder…lol… and i am happy that this move was made. Reality is “Blink” even said so himself that he was basically SICK AND TIRED of Winnipeg, not those words exactly, but if you read into the whole situation, it’s true. Roberts is known for making people miss in the open field while going outside. This whole year we seen very little of that, but more Roberts up the middle getting stuffed!! He played his way off this team and his performance proves that.

And seeing BIG JOE SMITH at the news conference made me MORE comfortable with him. He loves playing the game, he is a positive attitude (regardless of the excuses BC papers are making up), he is a really down to earth guy who doesn’t take shit, that’s all!! and his attitude should be noted by alot of player’s not to take shit as well. Great Guy - Great Back - Great Move