With all the new signing the team is looking great on paper. Camp is ready to begin. Hopes for the season are runnung high. My question is if this team has a weakness where is it?

I do not see any holes on the the Ticats.We are out for blood this yr.

only weakness, is lack of chemistry, which may or may not be developed by the time the season starts.

As much as this team has improved on paper, we still have some weaknesses. The offensive line is still not ranked above average, even with the additions, and will be lacking some cohesion. We could be much better at the LB position, and although some adjustments will be made, the DB position may still not be that strong.

Craig yeast hahahahahaha
I just wanna see this bum gone (traded hopefully but i wouldnt be adverse to cutting him outright) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch that's a little harsh. I don't know anyone who knows anything about football that doesn't admit that Yeast has talent. The only problem people have had with him is his attitude. I think he's capable of doing big things. I hope he shuts everyone up.

The only weakness this team has is the new, bland, sterile website. On the field, we should be OK.Thank Goodness the website doesn't count in the standings. If it did, we'd be on the bottom, looking a looooong way up. On to the Grey Cup, despite the corporate buy-off.

Clearly I'm a Craig Yeast fan, so I have his back. He's very a talented receiver, and now that he won't have to worry about being the scapegoat for McManus' horrible play, hopefully he will change his attitude and be allowed to just play football. If Yeast is allowed to have fun, he's gonna tear it up this season.

And I think drummer god hit it right on the nose. It will come down to how fast these guys can gel.

Craig Yeast's problem wasnt in his legs or hands, it was in his head. This guy is quite simply the worst special teams player in the CFL. In 2004 he cost us at least 4 games with his idiot play. He refuses to give up the single, runs out 4 yards, then gets hit, pins the offense, doesnt help us get out of the situation, and proceeds to hand the other team great field position. We need to keep him off special teams.

As for receiving, I want to see him reach for the bloody ball. I dont really care if it's "too high" you still try for it.

In short, he needs to stop wussing out on the plays. If he had more grit I think he'd be a much better receiver, and that's scary to think about. He needs to take his game to the next level.

He might be good for keeping Maas angry though :wink:

Call me old school, but I still believe that football is won in the trenches, and we aren't as strong on the lines as we should/could be. Though I reserve the right to change that opinion if the two line units come together quickly - after the lines, no other section of the team has the ability to play as far above the talent level of the individual players through good team play.

Agreed Yeast has the potential to be a number 1 or 2 reciver. And ya dont worry he will silence idi@ts like BarrencheaFan1 :smiley:

That's true he could silence them all, I've never seen IWS as silent as they were when he got dumped on the 1 yard line for the 50th time.

What part of 'take a knee' is it he doesnt get?

Combine an all-star recieving core with the addition of Holmes to run back kicks and Yeast could very well find himself one of the early bubble boys this year.
If he drops the 'tude' and plays like hell he could be an easy shoe-in, but this isn't last year and a lot of things have changed.

Hey buddy you can call me an idiot all you want it shows your lack of matuirty, but get one thing straight. Dumping Yeast wouldnt hurt the team at all. With all the talented and motivated players (Yeast has as much motivation to actually try as a rock), Yeast should be cut or traded. We've got Flick, Vaughn, Ralph, Peterson, and Holmes ready for action. As far as im concerned Yeast is a liablity now. Those amazing returns that he pulled off sure did the help the team (i mean the other team). Trade him away and let him be someone else's problem.

.....dont forget Cavil

This is what really ticks me off right here. I defended Yeast here and I did all last season too, but to say he was a scapegoat for McManus' horrible play is ridiculous. He was no scapegoat. We all know that McManus was the only scapegoat on this team last year and he put most of the blame on himself. I like Yeast and I think he's got great potential, but I'd be lying if I said that he went all out for every ball that was thrown at him.

very true...how many times did McManus put the ball right in the recievers hands, only to see it bobbled then dropped?

I saw about 20 minutes of practice today and I saw Yeast drop 2 easy balls. And I mean easy.

Take it for what it's worth.

hes not gonna make the team... Flick, Cavil, Vaughn, Ralph, Peterson, and morreale.

Well if my team chose Ralph, Peterson or Morreale over Yeast, than we deserve to lose. Yeast caught for over 1000 yards, a TD returning punts (and we didn't even start regularly using Yeast on punt returns until the end of the season) and over 300 yrds returning kickoffs. And this was on a team, which we have to be honest and say wasn't very good last year. If you guys think he didn't play well last year, I'd hate to think of what your expectations are for a receiver to call himself good enough for the Ti-Cats? I'm not saying you're supposed to like Yeast, it's your right to that opinion and I respect it, but to say he never gave an effort last year is unfair. As for the scapegoat thing, if I had a quarter everytime I heard an announcer bail out McManus by saying a receiver ran the wrong route, I'd be able to buy the 'Gades. And if balls did get dropped on the odd chance Danny did throw it at them, the receiver was probably shocked the ball actually hit them in the hands. Usually it was 8 feet over or behind them.

I don't want to get into re-hashing last year, becausethat is obviously behind us. Such being said, Danny Mac is my definition of "gentleman" and "sportsman" for attracting and accepting the failures of others (OC, O-Line, Recievers etc)as his own failures, maybe Mass's "attitude" will address this in 2006 season...

On Offense, we have to hope that our new OC and staff can mesh with our new QB, new premium RB, and that everyone gets their "timing" together very quickly, as if we are running off of raw talent for the first quarter season, we might need some luck to win games against seasoned opponents. Mind, Joe Paopao has my faith in delivering such performance.

This offence should log more minutes (nay, hours!) over the season, given the injury bug does not strike...

That takes a load off of our defensive unit. We are pretty rock solid at the DE's (as witness it wasn't thought to pick up Joe Montford when he weas cut!)but if Belli ever gets cut, injured, or tossed from a game, we have some real issues on the interior of the line that seem to be unaddressed.

Augie is showing himself a blue chip MLB, but we are a little weak on the OLB positions and backups...you gotta love Hitchcock, but cannot believe this is the natural position for him...

The DB's received attention in trades, signings and drafting, but the core unit learned some hard lessons last year when they were overchallenged by a lack of offensive creativity and output. I'm reasonably sure that this situation will clear itself in time, if the newbies don't solidify it quickly...

Corey Holmes on Special Teams will straighten out a lot of ills, but fixing the )+D will result in these guys seeing a lot less field time (I know, I know, my lips to God's ears!)

There remains a ton of Cdn talent on our team that other teams may be anxious to trade for...

Anyways, Iremain pretty optimistic....We won't be threat to win every game, but we will contest each one, and when, inevitably, the injury bug strikes other teams, our depth looks pretty good...