Weakest Postion on the Team.

Well, here we go again, the regular season is about to kickoff, (only three days away) what area are we still lacking in?

WR/SB? haha
DLine depth?
Overall Team Depth?

Personally my vote goes to Linebackers and the Oline (as a unit, not talent wise).

Just my opinions there, and will mostly depend on the play of our new imports (Randall, Cook, Powell, Armour and Brooks)

should be interesting.

ALSO feel free to add where you think we're at our strongest as well, or how we can improve at those weak spots. (just to add a positive or two to a more negative thread)

Actually its hard to say, cause the args didnt try? :stuck_out_tongue: , safety and DB will be interesting, Basicaly overall team defence has to improove from last year, Having Ricky Williams for a tackle dummy cant hurt :thup:

I would wait until after the game this saturday to find out weaknesses because now things are for real.

I agree with Hitchcock but at this point IMO it's still gotta be our LB's. Unless Brooks comes in and plays the way he did in Toronto two weeks ago, we are still a little thin compared to other positions on the team.


Please, somebody tell him that Adriano Belli IS NOT Irish. "Adrian O'Belli" :o

Field goal consistency!

Hopeful boreham can get it together cause were gonna need him down the stretch.

You people never disappoint me. I actually feel somewhat clairvoyant since I always know what I'm going to read before I read it. Anywho. Nice one Sig. "Adrian O'Belli" classic

I'd have to agree with Hitchcock and say I'm reserving judgement. What we saw in the preseason was more a tryout and now that the roster is set it will be easier to tell where we need to improve the most.

Since you said that bg, how about #5?

FG kicking and punting at IWS on Friday was problematic due to some funky wind conditions.

Let's see what the final roster brings.

Thanks Sig, now all is right with the world.

What were you refering to? My defence of JB, or my ribbing of #5? lol

My biggest concern in the LBs. It is not so much the players, I think we have improved over last year with new players and experience. I just think it is going to take some time to find out what the best combination of LBs on the field in different situations is. I hope it doesn't take too long as I have always felt that the linebacking corp is the major link in how all the rest of the "D" can play and what schems a team can use.

The O line its going to take some time to jell and how about the placekicking!

I would say the biggest problem is going to be the DB's - they were beaten badly last year and I don't see any significant improvements this year.

The offence will score a lot of points this year but the defence will have a lot of points scored against them.

Yes i think the DBacks will be the focus of a lot of fans and other teams and will have a lot to do with how we fair this season. I do think the rest of the team will improve over the year, maybe with some growing pains. I guess this saterday will tell us a lot. :smiley:

In defense of the DB's:

I didn't think they played too badly considering the offense at times (most times) was so anemic, that the defense was on the field far too much.

Hopefully with a more potent offense, that won't be the case this year. Our offense will be eating up yards and our defense will not be run through the wringer.

Good point

i'm not so worried about skill but more about chemistry especially with the revamped oline which as a unit will take some to gel.

i actually like the depth of our lb corps but we need an impact from ray and auggy and would hope brooks and cox/armour would not be held back as a starter because we "have" to start a couple of good young canadian lads for other reasons than playing our best import or non import.

my biggest concern still lies with kavis and his young defensive backfield which talent wise has improved but the season starts saturday already.

i think we are strong and i'm confdent everywhere including special teams.

i would have to say that the weakest area on the team is that is is a new team and the guys have not got the timing down yet...not the players.