Weak Punting Game Is Win Killer

Looks like more than a few people have now noticed the glaring problems with Ticat punting

Of the last three Ticat losses (by a combined ten points), weak Ticat punting game has been direct cause in all three - what sounds better, 1-5 or 4-2?

latest result against Als in 3 point loss

crucial Ticat punts in 4th quarter

net result - 31 yards to Al43
23 yards to Ticat31
other punt netted 33 to Al43 in second quarter
Fleming fumbled and had blocked punt for second time in three games in first quarter

net punting results for Ticats - 29 yards
net punting results for Als - 42 yards
(-13 yards an exchange)


Sign O'Mahoney and a psychiatrist (to see if he can get him to come to the games)

Sign an import punter - what is 1 of 21 import slots compared to the problems going on in the punting area? front office will tell you that all 21 ticat imports on roster are contributing more to this team than a good import punter could do? Nonsense!!!

Not a solution

Ticat faithful suffered through two years of Boreham trying to kick - don't subject the fans to another year or so of him trying to punt - last year's numbers say that it will not be good enough with him punting [while team subjects its fans to another round of excuses why Ticats can't do what it takes to win in kicking game]

nice name, fedup...lol

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