Weak Offense exposed

Well our woeful offense was really exposed tonight. The defense has an off game, and we find out our offense just does not have the fire power to win.

For the life of me I don’t know why they stuck with zak. Bridge should have played the fourth.

It’s more than a tad concerning how bad this offence has played of late.

I was saying the same. While I don't think Bridge is a starter, he seems to do well in those off the bench situations. I also wanted them to get Bagg the ball when they were struggling. While not the most athletic guy, I feel he could have really got the crowd into it and changes some of the mindset of the team when they were slumping.

Having said that, Tom Brady himself would have looked awful with the amount of dropped passes and horrible routes that were run tonight. The first pick on the two was a terrible route. Can't put that on Collaros I don't think. Evans dropped 3.

The under throw to Williams Lambert was no doubt bad

I think they must need a quarterback to be the offensive coach, like most winning teams seem to be doing, Maybe Kevin glen ? The offence never goes downfield with any authority. They seem be be very predictable, and can’t seem to hold on to the ball, Roosevelt needs to get the all. A lot more than what I see.

just tonight? :slight_smile: D plays a 'soso' game...O does nothing again. O needs to outscore the rest of the team at some point in a game this season.

D was gassed. They needed O to do something. The first quarter was a writeoff because of the lastest weird trend the past couple games of insisting to run wide side with only one respectable rush every 7 or 8 attempts. Meanwhile...half the stadium screams to rush up the gut...they do and get pretty consistent good yards. hmm

Standford caused an interception on the one

Evans was Evans....I would hope he FINALLY sits.

Zach had trouble reading linebackers...or at least doing the right thing with it....and they really were not masking anything. he also has lost faith in half the receivers and did not involve his best weapon in JWL

The playcalling was lackluster at times...but amend ONE of those points and the Riders likely win this game.

yeah, I felt that midway through the 3rd he should have come in....even if only for a series or 2. The redblacks were leaving the box wide open....which is why nothing outside worked...and he could had abused that.

The Riders have a very good - to great defense - but were exposed by a tough-as-nails Ottawa offense led by the eastern MOP, William Powell, The Thin Man.

Riders confidence was bolstered by stomping down a feeble and unresponsive bomber team. Faced with a more alert & tough opponent they met their match. Didn’t help they started gassing mid 3rd quarter as their offense continued to sputter under Zak.

Once again the dilemna of placement. Do the Riders want to finish a strong 3rd and go into Commonwealth as significant underdogs in the western semi? Or fade a bit while re-building their offense - letting the sucklings from Manitoba (or BC) nip them for 3rd and let either get fed to the esks?

After witnessing the Riders play Ottawa yesterday neither option seems appetizing. Playing Reilly & The Esks or going to Ottawa or Hamilton for the crossover?

This year’s Grey Cup seems destined to be a battle of Calgary or Edmonton vs. Ottawa or Hamilton. The Riders, if they can somehow get the goo out of their offensive carburetor are the only other team capable of interceding!

5 games…4 wins …and the O totally pooed the bed in every one of those 4 wins…teams fear our D and special teams…but giggle out loud at what is supposedto be good and getting better…playoff games are not won only the firsttwo aspects of the game…stilltime to fix this but time is running out

play calling …lackluster…execution even worse than that…drooped balls, errant throws… did I mentiondropped balls…not all blame on the QB, BUT certainly enough of it for him to shoulder

I blame…

MCadoo… He’s an inept OC. Who once in a blue moon flukes a good playcall other than that my dog knows where hes going with the ball every play.

Good game by our special teams, defense played well despite being gassed by the 3rd. Its hard when youre always on the field. Secondary didnt have a great game but we shouldnt expect that every game.

Receivers need to catch the ball and run their routes properly. Zak needs to read his reads better.

Do we have a replacement for Evans?

I was listening to pre game and they stated the Riders o is different in how it's structured from most teams in that they read the play and not the defense. Could explain why it seems a couple of throws seemed forced (the one to Roosevelt comes to mind) when he tried to force it and was nearly picked by the safety. Bridge did that a bit when he started as well.

weak offence is an under statement. There is no offence. Zac is not the answer, Bridge is not the answer, we need a real QB, might as well kept Doubles or glenn. This is nothing but a joke. We had 3 1000 receivers last year, only 1 remains of those 3, and they are not using him any where near enough. Evans 3 easy drops and Macadodo sends a long ball his way near the end for an interception. That’s on Macadodo. If he remains here next year then I think the board need to fire Jones and Macadodo maybe along with Reynold’s, what a joke of an offence. pretty bad when your D and special teams have more touch downs than your O. And Jones, D does not win games, you also need an Offence that can at least put some points on the board. How many times this year in red zone, and we come away with 3 points.
My next question is, who figured Macadodo was an Offensive Coordinator, cuz he sure the hell is not. Plain dull schemes, poor play calling, and man he has such a verse play book… mmmmm let me see, maybe 5 plays… what a joke, all I can say is he better be gone come next season. Unless a miracle happens, will be lucky to make first rounds of play offs. Grey Cup… not this year!! I am glad I never drove 4 hrs yesterday to watch this cluster $%%?&&*?

I will give Jones credit , he does have a pretty damn good D, Special teams also… now fix our Damn O… yesterday!!

sure we do, lets make Hughs and receiver, lets try another Jones experiment. Bagg, bring up Picton, cant be any worse. Hey I know, lets get Getz back he can drop those balls also.

To be serious yes he can replace him!!

For me, imho nothing has been exposed.’’
THe fact is the Riders have had no offense since the beginning of the season and it wasn’t hard to see that after the first games…and no significant improvement.
THe offense simply is not moving the ball consistantly, some on players a lot on OC
No way we win in playoffs without an offense.
Unbelievable really at this time in the season.

my assumption is that Shaw plays next week.

you can’t win that 5th game in a row by not posting anything that resembles somewhat good as a collective offensive effort…in fact, the past 4 games being all W’s had even poorer efforts… this requires a fix BEFORE next years season begins

Both the offense and defense were not good in this one. Yes the defense was out there too long but that is nothing unusual for them but they also allowed something like 500 yards of offense to Ottawa. The problem with the defense is Jones played right into Ottawa’s hands by not bringing pressure on Harris. In the previous two games against the Lions and the Als they brought heat and got to Harris often and he looked like crap and got pulled in the Lions game he was so bad. Instead of doing the same thing right at the start we “spy” Harris and allow him to get into a groove, once that happened he was on a roll. I know Jones was concerned about Powell and rightfully so but still he shredded us because they were gassed. Gainey had a poor game and was beaten a couple of times on big plays. That one run for Powell it looked like he went for the strip instead of trying to tackle him and when he didn’t get it and the last man in the way Powell was gone. Gainey should have known better being a veteran.

The offense performed it’s crapectacular usual game so no shock there. ZC was not sharp missing a wide open JWL and the pass at the goal line was late coming out and to the left instead of leading the receiver. Yes Stanford should have boxed out the defender to not allow him inside position but if ZC had thrown a second or two earlier and to the right as Stanford was leaning that way Stanford scores. Now ZC was not the only one to blame as others mentioned far too many dropped balls that killed drives and Evans should be either benched or gone.

The whole team looked flat and after getting the great return by Thiggy right off the hop that shouldn’t be the case. I think some of the players were reading too many of their own praises and got a bit of a big head, still when things starting to show that Ottawa was not going to be a push over that should have snapped them out of it but it didn’t happen.

The offense is terrible and has been since the beginning of the season and it’s time that Jones needs to address it but I don’t think he will. Mac is joined to Jones at the hip for whatever reason and it could cost Jones his job if things don’t turn around. I like Jones’s defense for the most part besides the far too much 3 man front but he is in charge of the whole team and having not even an average offense is going to burn us.

Yes in building a tough team, it appears they forgot about the offence, and when it counted the most, it was not there to produce, Next year I would have to say a number 1 q.b. And some new receivers would be on the list. They say defence wins championships. Not without an offence

Actually what surprised me the most, and was probably the difference in the game, was the way Winnipeg’s O-line owned your D-line. They were superb in run blocking for Harris, and they totally kept Jefferson and Hughes under wraps all game long.

Anyone with an ounce of football spitza could tell you after the first 4 games that the Rider offense was predictable, ineffective and weak from the get go.
Analysts stated it many time throughout the season.
We as fans watched it throughout the season, and many ‘continually’ making excuses for lack of production. Excuses right up to the Semi Final…well what do you say NOW!