We would be in first place right now

I know it means nothing now but.....

If we win the game in Calgary (that stupid last second field goal), the two in Montreal (which we should have won) and the last game in Toronto (which they had no business winning) then we would be in first place right now.

Again it means nothing but it does show you how one game can make a difference

One? You mean four. :wink:

Your right JustAGuy but one more win and the playoff hunt would be a little more interesting, two wins, even more so, more than that and it is not us that is in serious trouble

Really, although I see your logic Godfather, all teams, every league every sport say the same thing and it boils down to this: If we just scored once in that game, we would have won and then made the playoffs...
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades they say.

Your right Earl, it goes to show how you can't give up at any time during a game or during the year and unfortunately that happened to us to many times this year

But I feel your frustration also, so close and yet so far. Ah well, great we are making progress and just love going to all the games anyway especially with progress in sight now.

i think close also counts in lawn darts and aussie rules football.

i'm just sayin'.

We'd also likely have been in first place had the schedule maker not gone out with Ricky Williams prior to making it.

No byes until after our 16th game?

Game 9 before we play anyone other than Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg or Calgary. Plus...we now know how hot some of those teams were when we had 'em.

If only we coulda had them now.

There's also thermo-nuclear warfare...

Wait a minute... didn't I just get blasted in another thread for this same line of thinking?

You mean theres more than 2 of us that think "What If???"


Enough with the what if, and more of the what is.

We have four wins this year. I think all but one were winnable (one shutout by Sask), if only X happened.... mostly having to do with Maas and his confidence, or stupidity of the recievers.

I don't buy the Paopao connection, or that Ron Lancaster sabotaged the team (call it what you want, but that's what the effect is), or that the GM was whatever. Blow sunshine up Maas' a$$, or tell the receivers that they're fired if they don't catch the next ball coming their way, and we're on top of the East, comfortably waiting for the semi-final winner to come to IWS.

But that never happened.

Is there room in the salary cap for a shrink for Maas? If so, we could be 17 - 1 this date next season, with four bye weeks before the playoffs.

The trouble with the thinking of “if only we had won all our close games” is this.

Say the Ticats DID win those 3 games. They’d need 10 points to do so.

Then what? Statistically you’d be in first, but would be a team with 255 points for, and 415 points against. You’d be tied with a team that has one game in hand, and since you had actually ‘beaten’ Mtl and Tor, you’d be two points ahead of them, but they’d both have TWO games in hand. Plus you’d still be going into head to head games with arguably the best team in the league.

How would you like your chances even with all those ‘would have’ games. There’d be a better chance of making the playoffs for sure, but you’d still have a real fight on your hands to do so.

Instead of worrying about the playoffs take pleasure in the fact you’ve proven you’re not the league worst, and you’ve got some real positives to build on for next year. I’m not saying you give up hope before it’s official… just don’t dwell on it so much. :slight_smile:

Lawn darts, Aussie rules football, thermo-nuclear warfare... good points guys, I knew I'd miss a few things with this saying. :smiley:

and poop fights

I’m wondering if we’d be in first place right now if Maas was healthy earlier or Paopao and his buddy were fired earlier.

Next year Maybe will be our Year...

Here is Hoping :slight_smile:

After watching all the ex-Renegade players dominating in the CFL this year, I'm convinced that they would easily have been the class of the East this year.
Too bad they will have to start all over again next year with expansion players.

Don't look to Ottawa (or anywhere else) for team in '07.

The saying that comes to my mind is:

If "If's" were fifths...then we'd all be drunk!

If, if, if, if.... oh please stop living in the past.

Yup, if we could just score some majors in the red zone instead of settling for field goals all the time.....ahh...but coulda, woulda, shoulda....