We won the first 10 Minutes!

And then the unexplainable challenge on the blatant incomplete pass to Onrea Jones.
What were they thinking?
Is there no one upstairs to say, Hey Kent it was incomplete, he dropped it.
Jones must have known he dropped it.
It seems like a small thing ,but it became huge!
The Cats were on a roll, running, passing, they were moving the ball and had Sask. on their heels. Confidence was high.
The challenge was lost,
Massive confusion and a time out must be used,
Austin blows a nut!
So now it cost a challenge and a timeout!
Ensuing play Burris gets sacked and all that Mojo bursts like a balloon, just like that,
and went over to Sask.
The Cats struggled for the next 50 minutes
This is an example of how fragile this team is.
We now have a young team and will somehow, someway, need a confidence boost

Agree 100% with what yer saying Grover,too bad games weren't 10 minutes long....two 5 minute halfs,2 and a half minute qtrs.
might just work!! :wink: :roll: :lol:

Grover, methinks you nailed it in that OP!

It's amusing and sad to watch Austin slowly unravel.

All the previous talk of how Cortez wasn't media friendly, and how he lacked proper sideline behavior.

Starting to see the same emerging from Austin last few weeks.

His cliched, chipper, everything is positive schtick has faded, and has given way to snarky replies to the media, blowing up and losing control on the sideline. What was the phrase? "Teaching up" or something like that?

Looked like Austin was rattled by that botched challenged, and then he in turn berated Burris, rattling him finally culminating in that big loss from the sack on the very next play.

A complete meltdown in such sort order. :thdn:

2nd half? Tiger-Cats scored 3 points.

I would be upset if Austin didn't slowly unravel giving the way this team has played lately. Maybe he got some bad advice on theat Jones challenge but so what, that didn't explain the rest of the game. Sure, if complete, we may have kept the momentum for the time being, and maybe even got some points, but the game did not hinge on that one play. The game turned when we were not able to gain 1 stinking yard on two third downs, one on the one yard line. Watching the lousy blocking, spotty passing by Burris, and uninspired running by Lamar, I'm not surprised that the coack came apart at the seams. Burris is made good by the receivers when he throws the ball where they can catch it. Last night he threw behind, over the head, and bounced a couple off the ground. Not blaming him for the loss but these things drive coaches mad. If you noticed the post game question session, he wasn't his jovial, or cliched and was understandably snarky when his team gives up over 60 pts in two games.