We Win...We're Four Points out of First

Our losing (L)East Division rivals are our best friends right now. We beat the Bombers and we're four points out of first place. Damn, I love the CFL ;DI think we're about to go on a run...anyone else feel it?

I agree!!! GO CATS GO!!!

The toughest part of our schedule is behind us, new receivers are starting find their rhythm with ZC and the secondary finally starting to get healthy. Hopefully we have a solution at right tackle soon. I'm most encouraged by Butler and Davis returning. I know there are other reasons but the whole defense started to tank when Craig Butler didn't return for the 2016 season.

There is a silver lining. We still have runway left. Nevertheless, one can soar with that knowledge or re-act the Hindenburg, metaphorically speaking. Time will tell. Soon.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yep, Right out of town unless they can learn what football is about.

Still have 4 games against the West, two there. Even if we sweep the Eastern games, that makes us 7-11. I'm not seeing play-offs in the cards this year, even if we stumble as high as third.

Agreed the cats have to do a number on the East Teams starting this Friday Against Ottawa

The issues i see that are the main problem

Oline needs to do a better job of protection, why not try unsing a 2 TE for additional blocking
also receivers need to do a better job of picking up the blitz quick slant over the middle. Draw screen play etc
Part of the problem I think is the receivers picking up the blitz the only vet is tasker. Aultman and Saunders look to be promising receivers but need more experience which they are getting by playing and will only get better.

The Defense the DB need to play tighter coverage instead of giving them a 5-7 yard cushion like the play of Leonard, butler and Davis will be major upgrades as well
I thought the Defense gave the ticats a chance to win against Winnipeg but didn't receive much help from the offense.

Special teams Castillo has been great. I like to see Banks run straight and forget the east west stuff it hasn't been working.

Friday is a big test for the cats to see what they are made of and I think they will win

Sorry. Not so sure about a win. Ottawa has been playing very well despite their record. I can't see Cats turning things around to compete with a Hungry RedBlacks team.