We WIN!..but Paopao has to go..!

We wonder why we can't throw down field?..why Mass has no time for deep patterns?..I'll tell you why..the O-line practices passing drills for short patterns 95% of the time.A deep pattern,they need to block for atleast 4 sec..don't blame Mass,don't blame the O-line..blame Paopao..get rid of him now!...my opinion

It's also clear that the receivers are not getting open downfield. The O-line gave Maas plenty of time several times but Maas couldn't find anyone open downfield. He had to throw the ball away a few times because he had no one to throw to. He was chased a few times too because no one was open. I've said it before--this team has too many receivers that are not good enough. The exceptions are Vaughan who is still excellent and Flick who is ok.

But hey, they won! And they seem to have found a kicker.

An Argo fan

Way too soon to make the call on Paopao under Lancaster. gotta give it at least 3 or 4 more games.

My guess: the deeper plays late were "adjustments"...I believe that those kind of calls have to be in the mix for the entire game. I suspect that Ron will lean on Joe to start opening things up...the flea flicker (or flick fleaker) is an example, but I think most fans are calling for more balls upfield.

This does mean that the O-line will have to adjust their blocking schemes for deep passing more often, but it is essential for this ball control offence to work.

It was nice to see Holmes and Ranek on the field for the first time this season. More packages have to be in place to utilize Holmes as a slot or RB motioning into the slot...Holmes running crossing routes along with Flick, Yeast, and Ralph regularly will create mismatches in the intermediate zones. I do not like curl-happy short passing games...there has to be stretching of the defence both vertically and horizontally to open up the running game.

I'm opening some cans of worms earlier than I wanted to, but hey...I was SO pleased we kept a high time of possession tonight. It's a refreshing change. We have to find ways to give our playmakers space to break things open. Ball control is great, but scoreboard control is the only thing that matters, ultimately.

Oski Wee Wee,

I also suspect that Joe is going nowhere. Ron and Joe have worked together before in Edmonton. Paopao will be here by season's end, I predict.

Oski Wee Wee,

HMMMM me thinks a conspiracy in the making.
I will work for Ron but not Greg?????

Well, read other entries and threads on the site that suggest Marshall was so much of a ball- control freak that Paopao was effectively handcuffed. I do not subscribe to this view.

I think the idea that people have leverage to wage conspiracies when 0-fer is stretching it a bit, methinks. If Paopao was somehow angling to get Greg sacked, why wouldn't he be positioning himself to get the head coaching job? Simply stated, tanking it offensively is more dangerous for a coordinator keeping his own job than somehow manoevering for someone to take over a head coaching position. It wouldn't make sense for Joe to do that.

Oski Wee Wee,

And the conspiracy theorists here may also take Rob Katz's comments into account. With the way he said the Marshall firing was an "organizational decision" and did not say whether or not Bob was in on it, some might wonder who else might be in on the decision. And our collective imagination can run wild.


The discussion of Katz's comments can be read if you click here.

Anyway, it did appear to me that some adjustments were made. We finally may be getting it right by making more use of Holmes and Vaughn.

offence looked good at times, the flea flciker was wicked, and he mixed it up, i liked, some calls were bad. but in general i cannot complain.,. weak second half but we pulled through, good enough for me

one question...

where the hell has Yeast been? dont think i heard his name called all day...

Yeast caught two passes for nine yards. You can clcik here for my information source.

I don't know if it's that Yeast hasn't been getting open or if it's for some other reason. But maybe it's just that Vaughn, Holmes, and Flick have been the most reliable receivers and could be becoming Maas' favourites.

Where is our over the middle passing game. It has been a strong part of our game plan for the last several years. Do not understand how Morreale is not involved in the offence. He was the third leading receiver last year and our over the middle guy. Now he does not even play.

The new guys haven't impressed nor gone over the middle

It was there. I saw it.

Cavil caught a quick slant over the middle early. Remember his first down antics ?

Yeast, too, caught a quick slant over the middle for nine yards near the endszone in the first quarter I believe.

Vaughn caught a few over the middle, some crossing routes.

It's there.

I love Pao Pao's offence. The formations and actual plays are very creative.

It all comes down to execution by the players.

I saw lots of tight end formations with Radlein. Ottawa used to use that a lot. Havne't seen that in Hamilton in a long time.

Saw some isolation plays with all receivers to one side as Ranek got the hand off to go off tackle the other way. One of our few good running plays. Later, we lined up in the same formation, only to fake to Ranek and have Maas roll out to the receivers' side.

The hitch's worked very well last night. Only saw two missed blocks on the hitches. One by Vaughn (pass to Cavil) and one by Yeast (pass to Vaughn, who made some impressive moves to get a substantial gain instead of a loss)

All, in all I love Pao Pao's offence. The only aspect I would change would be some long passes to keep the defence honest.

The O-line's performance is slowly improving and still needs to get better at run blocking.