we will win next week


Because in true Tiger-Cat fashion of the last 20+ years the team will baffle every person in the city by actually showing up for a game. Making tonight totally incomprehnsible.

A string of blow-outs followed by a world domination night. Preceeded by more blow-outs. That is what everyone can expect.

If anyone needs an example look back to the home and home against Winnipeg.


not if maas starts next week!

not if maas starts next week!
Start Williams.What the heck,we're done anyways.

so we will win next week??are we playin the playboy playmate team???if so i will actually goto the game

only if pao pao is FIRED.


Who cares. This is not a professional football team. The absence of effort (at all levels) is self-evident. We may well be seeing the last days of football in Hamilton.

Oh ,Blue Noser , the last days of Football in Hamilton will only be a film,not reality.

We will rise and win the Grey Cup again.

In the mean time.....