We will not make the playoffs....

Like the Stamps did to Porter?? Cant agree with purposely drawing personal fouls , Play within the rules!

I hope it works out that Winnipeg comes third and makes the playoffs. I don't like the crossover.

With the win against the Argos last night and Edmonton plays the argos again I think it is a for
gone conclusion that the Eskimos will be crossing over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What now is going to happen is that the Last game of the season will predict who will take the
second place finish.

And that game will be in Winnipeg! We are on the verge of missing the playoffs this year folks!!!!! :thdn:

Why the foregone conclusion. They have BC and Calgary. Thats 2 losses IMO. Hamilton has Toronto and Winnipeg for 2 wins. Winnipeg has Montreal with a backup to Calvillo and BC for 2 wins. A 3 way tie gives us the home game against Winnipeg and Edmonton on the outside looking in

A possibility but far from even expected.

If this team is to control its own destiny it has to win second place in the East. Playoffs are a possibility at third place but unlikely I think. The West is too strong to risk losing out in the crossover. I would hate to be hanging on some other team losing the last game of the season to determine our playoff hopes.