We will not make the playoffs....

I know it's very negative to think this way. I HOPE we make the playoffs but i do not see it happening. Out of the last 4 games i see Winnipeg losing 2 maybe one. With the way the bombers are playing, I think they can beat Montreal at home given what is at stake. This sunday is a 80 percent chance we will loose. I think Winnipeg can beat B.C at home. That would put the bombers one game up on us and second in the east. Another factor is momentum. If the bombers move into second after this weekend they will have momentum. We have Montreal, Toronto, Sask, and Winnepeg. We can possibly go 0-4. 3 on the road one at home. None of our remaining games are gimmies.

See ya next year guy's.....IF i go to any games

I see us losing the Montreal game and winning the Toronto and Winnipeg games. I won’t call the Sask game

I see Winnipeg beating BC but losing twice to Montreal

I see Edmonton beating Toronto twice and losing to Calgary and BC

Therefore I see us finishing ahead of Winnipeg and tied with Edmonton with us having the tie breaker

Looks like we control our own destiny to me

I see B.C. as a hot team too and they'll beat Winnipeg.

Sure Winnipeg is playing better, but their last three wins are against weaker teams. Edmonton, Toronto and Hamilton.

BC will beat them and so will Montreal, twice.

If that happens, then we need to beat Sask, and Toronto for the last game to not even matter about 2nd in the east.

I can see that happening.

Don’t forget the wild card in this equation…Bishop…

I think this team is capable of knocking any other team off on a given day. Who would ever have thought that we could have beaten Montreal last season when Porter and Marcel took over ?
Problem is... will that happen when we need it?
I am not sure we are capable of the consistent kind of play that we will need for the rest of the season.
I keep my fingers crossed though.

A wild card indeed. He has no history of being able to sustain good play more than a few games. Will that trend continue? I'm betting it will in those Montreal back to back games

Let's be positive, we will make the playoffs!

Even more scary is his record in playoff games. . . he's played in two, one for Toronto and one for Saskatchewan, and he was horrid in both of them.

Let's face the facts here... Winnipeg's last 3 wins.. have come agains teams that should by all rights, have beaten them, but for what ever reasons, those THREE teams stunk the joint out... thereby making the Bombers look better than they really are!!!

I myself could have thrown those passes to Bowman, he was so wide open... although I am surprised Bishop still didn't manage to overthrown him :expressionless:

OK!.....This is how I see it! We will make the Playoffs......But in Third Place.

Winnipeg will take second place and host the east semi-finals.

This is why! Ticats
game 15= 0 lose to Mont.
game 16= 2 beats T.O.
game 17= 0 lose to sask.
game 18= 0 close game could go either way
but we blow it because of Setta( lose by 3)
Total = 14 points

        game 15 =   2   beats BC
        game 16 =   0   loses to Mont.
        game 17 =   0   loses to Mont. 
        game 18 =   2   beats Cats

Total = 16 points

         game 15=  0  loses to Cal.
         game 16=  0  loses to T.O they had to win one more!
         game 17 = 2  beats T.O. at home.
         game 18 = 0  loses to BC

Total = 14 points

Result : The Ticats are tied with Edmonton but win playoff spot because of total points scored
CATS= 58 vs Edmonton = 52

Thats it People!!


That's why the games are played on the field, not on paper. :lol:

If Marcel lets the team play then look out, we win 3 out of 4 of the last games. Winnipeg won't even be in the picture.
Bishop has a history of being hot, then cold. Under pressure he will fold. Sound like someone we all know?
Doc 8)

Montreal will be on vacation by then and Peg might be let win.

Nah, as David Naylor says THIS is the week the Als will be on vacation, and once we beat them we'll have woken them up and Winnipeg can face their wrath two weeks in a row.

If Hamilton and Edmonton are tied in point, then Hamilton moves on in the East Semifinal. Because Edmonton has to have more points than Hamilton to take their spot. There are no tie breakers involved.



No tie-breakers for the cross-over....it has to be an outright point edge.

If the Cats and Bombers both go 2 - 2 down the stretch, there is a very good chance they will both make the post season and no crossover.

given the importance of the cats vs mtl game and the bb 2 games against mtl what these teams need to do is rough up calvillo.... im not saying go out there and hurt him but bring the pressure and hit him every chance you get... it may even cost you a couple roughing penalties or whatever but make the als worried for calvillos safety... hitting him will either make the als run a whole lot more or maybe even pull calvillo... and those are the only ways i see ham or wpg beating the als. because trestman doesnt believe in letting up... so the opposing teams need to give him a reason to consider it...

In the case of the crossover, the western team can only cross over if they have more points in the standings than the 3rd seed eastern team. There are no tie-breakers such as season series, net points scored or otherwise concerning the cross over. Hamilton can lose the season series, have less aggregate points scored than Edmonton and will still make the playoffs if they both have 14 points in the standings simply because the east division is their home division.

I think MB knows he may have shot the TiCats in the foot. :oops: