We Will Never WIN again with Jason MAAS

This guy is the ultimate "good guy" LOSER! I'm officially fed up with watching him, I've taken all I can. I haven't bashed the guy once this year because I still think he can be an effective backup....Ask yourself a question - Is it more important to win or lose? Is it more important to score touchdowns than kick field goals? Is it more important to throw 3 meaningless interceptions or throw 1 in the fourth quarter when your team needs you the most...

I'm sick of watching MAAS' face when he throws a bad ball, or when he smacks his hands together walking back to the bench after a bad throw. Jason MAAS is a proven LOSER at this point in his career. A record of 4-19 is all I need to see. No more excuses. There is talent on this offence and MAAS is the only thing holding people back.

Its not just me, but its time for Timmy CHANG. I dont care what he does, but lets start getting ready for next year (pathetic to say at week 6), and if CHANG does well and we start winning, then FANTASTIC.

BUt it is obvious....WE WILL NEVER WIN AGAIN WITH JASON MAAS....and thats the "The Bottom Line".

Like I said in another thread, what can it hurt to start Timmy Chang now?

What, we go 0 and 6?

We've got nothing to lose now by letting Chang play a full game.

Not that I blame Maas for the 0 and 5 record, he has been gradually improving and it's not his fault if other players take penalties. I have supported Maas thus far.

But, Chang will inject some new life into the team, and maybe it will do Jason good to rest for a game.

When i look at a quarterback I make judgements on how he plays and reacts under pressure. Given the time probably 90% of the QB's are able to throw accurately and with some zip on the ball.

The difference between a good and bad QB is based on his ability to read defenses and to react to sudden pressure. Options include decisions to pull the ball down and get out of the pocket, dump the ball to an open area, eat it and take the loss or hit your check off man.

Jason Mass does not make good decisions under pressure. Often he is late deciding to pull the ball down and run and generally he stumbles awkwardly backwards looking for the open guy. But, when he finds him, Mass throws the ball off his back foot. The result is that the pass comes up short or hangs with no zip.

I believe Mass is an average quarterback. How much better he gets is questionable.

Good points DR. In the few plays that I have seen Chang play, I have noticed that he has been able to stay mobile, move out of the pocket and avoid being sacked.

At least for the first series he plays. After that, he can't buy a completion...

That being said, I think he has great potential.

while im one of the guys who bashes maas the most ( i felt he was overrated in edmonton and im not too fond of him in the hammer ), i thought he did well under pressure last nite...

he converted ALOT of 2nd and 10, 2nd and 15, even 2nd and 20....some, he scrambled from a blitz to find the open receiver...

i think maas is finally becoming healthy, and moving the chains ( 300+ yards passing last nite and lots of firts downs ).

i suspect the receivers are not getting open in the endzone....we all know there is not ONE superstar CFL receiver on this ticat team.....no GO-TO guy.

other teams have Bruce, Simon, Stegall, Copeland, Cahoon, Armstead, Tucker....who do the Ticats have?!?!?!?!

heck, other teams 2nd receivers are better than the ticats number 1 ( who is the ticats number 1, anyways? ).

i'll take other teams twos ( Miles, Dominguez, Edwards, Clarmont, Lewis ) over any of the ticats receivers.


In the red zone, put Holmes at WR or SB.

Double threat. Maas can throw to Holmes or hand the ball to Jesse.

Put Holmes on the field most plays

putting holmes on the feild isnt maas' decision tho, so how do we blame maas for that?

You can't. Its all on Charle and Working

Hey Thebottomline, please give me your thoughts on this:

Say this weekend Timmy gets the start the next game. The team puts it all together and win. What do you think about that and the whole MAAS thing.

I sure would like to hear what you have to say.

P.S. and i mean no disrespect by my question, just like to hear what you have to say.

i agree, holmes should be used at SB every offensive play.

I would love to see Corey on the field with Jesse, but the bottom line is that the quarterback (whoever it ends up being) needs Dickerson/Radelin in the backfield to help against the pass rush as the offensive line grows together.

And Jesse has proven through 5 games that he has the skills and talent to be a feature back in the CFL, so chances are you aren't going to take him out of the game.

Would Corey Holmes be useful in the slot? I would say yes at times, but in the red zone I would think you would want a bigger target down there, not a smaller one. How about a fade route to Chris Bauman? That kid is huge!

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Holmes is as good as or better than any of the receiving corps we’ve seen up to this point. Who says the FB needs to come out. As for the red zone, a specialized team and formation is nothing earthshattering. Teams do it all the time.

Why not just switch Holmes with Ralph in the red zone?

Never is a long time. How about 4 or 5 years? With Maas at QB, I'd say they're due to win around 2011 or 2012. :lol:

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Nothing to lose? Sure there is.

You're ok with going 0-6? I'm not.

Either Toronto or Montreal will be 2-4 next week. If we win we are 1-5 and only 1 game behind one of those two teams.

It's too early to get desperate.

Our how about we just get Ralph to stay onside and then Holmes isn't needed in the redzone.