Yes I know we're 0-4, but the last two weeks there has finally been progress.

Take away the stupid penalities and we'll be there.

The defence is getting better and with a little more famialiarity the QBs and the receivers will be there too.


They gotta win at least 8 of the remaining 14 games to make the playoffs. (Or, put another way, they can only afford 6 more losses)

4 wins by Labour Day!!

We are still only one game behind Montreal and there has been progress week to week. Once we cut down on the mental mistakes we'll string together some wins. The Defence played their a$$es off till the final whistle. Jump on the bandwagon now cuz there won't be any room later.

not ready to jump on that wagon just yet. some areas improved immensely, but still a ways to go in others.


maas' game management. kept us in the game but didn't win it.

maas' decision making. no stupid int's in the red zone.

o-line. pretty good progress made in run blocking. allowed lumsden to chew up some real estate.

play calling. pretty good mix of running and passing.

defence. gave the tabbies a chance to win the game. cut down on penalties. linebackers looked great. injured players returning helped.

special teams. downfield coverage has improved since start of season.

needs improvement

maas' game management. still doesn't seem to have that killer instinct. needs to show some fire out there. get into some players faces every now and again and show some emotion every now and again.

maas' decision making. no stupid int's but still only 2 td's when in the red zone.

maas' passing. still not convinced that his wing has healed properly. no zip on passes. balls hang too long and hang the receivers out to dry. maybe the reason receivers aren't willing to fight for the ball.

o-line. still not protecting the qb's as well as they should be. run blocking needs improving. lumsden made most of his yds on second effort.

defence. still too many stupid penalties. offside on the 1 yd line is inexcusable. pi call in the endzone was a blown call. should have been offensive pi. nothing you can do about that.

play calling. 2 pt conversion was a stupid call for a team struggling to make it's 1st point in the standings. should have gone for the pa and gave the team a reason to go after the ball on the short kick off. should get lumsden and holmes on the field at the same time more often.

special teams. still have to cut down on penalties. roughin the kicker penalty was stupid. kick return game needs some major improvement.

still not convinced they are a playoff bound team unless montreal continues to falter. there is reason to be hopeful though with the improvments made. we can still hope though.

this team COULD be 2-2 right now.

shoulda beat both the als and the lions, had the cats played just a little better and taken a few less penalties.

we will start winning, it's just a matter of time before this team is dominating. i expect the cats to beat out winnipeg and come in second, and i hate to say it, but the argos will be first, but that won't matter once the playoffs start. i expect the winning to start next week in Winnipeg :smiley: :smiley:

not sure when they'll get their first win, but if they keep improving, the first one shouldn't be that far off.

depending on the play of mike mcmahon.

winnipeg looks really good, and if they ever get better offensive starts to games, LOOK OUT.

that game in Montreal on Aug 25 (fan train) is starting to look pretty big right now!!!