We Where Screwed.

I admit the Riders didn't play as well as they could have but that doesn't excuse the crappy officating job.

The Riders were 'screwed' by there own lack of production - both on offence and defence. The officials didn't have much to do with this loss.

Sorry, but the reason why the Riders lost is simple-- they played poorly, the Bombers were more than a match for the Riders on this day. It wasnt the ref's fault we lost.

The Refs were a Joke…but then again so were the Riders… Only saving grace for today was Montreal Hammering the lions with a second string QB.

Back to the drawing board Austin.

ya the ref's really sucked... and if 2 people touch the ball at the same time and it goes out, would it not make sense to re-kick it :s ? just a thought.

Also i remember in the first half 3rd & 1 at around the bombers 45-50 and we didn't gamble, we punted , got the single point, and winnipeg came back and scored... i disagree with that desicion.

I was also suprised when Austin didn't challenge the Fantuz incomplete, chances are it wouldn't have been over-turned (considering officiating today) but it wouldn't have hurt.

The difference between a good team and a great team is the influence that is allowed towards the refs. Good teams make excuses when the officiating is questionable; great teams make the plays so that the refs can't influence the plays. Today the Riders were a good team, but not a great team! We will bounce back. Hopefully MD's injury isn't that serious!

well here we go again,
the two best teams in the leauge get screwed by the ref's again. in a week last week Riders where the team that came to play and only won on the last play.
this week the Bombers came to play and sorry to say the blue and gold where ready to play not so for the green Riders.
don't get me wrong these two teams we be in the grey cup going head to head and for good of the game i hope the ref's let them play.
all the best to all the great Rider fans
see you in the Grey Cup

I agree, I don't think the riders came to play today. They just didn't seem to want it bad enough.

Yes there were some calls that were questionable but they didn't cause the loss.

Pretty questionable indeed.
When your first post ever is to whine and complain about the officials in a game where the Riders simply got beat by a better team, that is questionable...

I just hope we didn't lose Matt for any length of time in that debacle...

ya the riders came out flat both on o and d. holmes had some solid production on special teams. the refs didn't screw the pooch more then normal. on labour day the riders got away with alot and today the bombers got away with about the same the riders did.

the blue and gold came to take back a well deserved win from the riders last week. and after it is all said and done the riders don;t really look like the big super star #1 team they are said to be. they barely beat the blue and gold at labour day with the brutal calls against the blue, and they didn't even stand a chance this week. but i guess their record is all that matters right now.

I agree. However losing aside, what kind of officiating was that?!

Flick offensive Pass interference?!?!

Flick no catch?!?! (the replay was blurry thus unable to say for certain making it inconclusive)

Fantuz Had Possession on the Long Bomb with the finger tip grab then recovered his own fumble!!!

Pass interference on the play where the Bomber receiver (i am sorry his name is not with at the moment) complained to the ref and he threw the flag after he saw the complaint ?!?!?

Riders played bad enough to definately lose.


Perfectly said, thryllin.The Riders lost the game on their own, but hte ref's were ridiculous. I was never a big fan of Jake Ireland.

I've come to the conclusion that bad officiating is just part of the CFL. A very frustrating part... I think we would have lost anyway but the score might have been closer had we not suffered those crappy calls...The 2 intereference calls were terrible, especially the offensive one...

I’m inclined to agree, the officiating didn’t exactly cost us 30 points, so what would have been the difference. The riders were very flat. In the first quarter I thought we were somewhat in it, but after that, we just didn’t seem to care as much. Although winning every game would be great, with 8 games left the season is a marathon, we must win but we must also make it to the end, healthy and ready to go at playoff time.

When it rains it pours. There were a number of calls that I did not like, but you can't play poorly and expect everything to go your way.

The pass interference early in the game on 1st and 20 that Edwards I believe complained about was iffy at best, but if you look at how easily the Bombers marched their way down the field, im not so sure they wouldn't have scored on the next play anyways.

The Flick Offensive pass interference was an asolutely terrible call, if that was pass interference we would see that called every 3 passing plays.

The simultaneous catch was not so much a bad call, as it was Jake Ireland just having no idea of the actual rules. I would agree that they both touched it before it went out, but the officials should not just make rules up when they don't know them, they should have done the kick over.

In the grand scheme of things, 2 of those penalties happened with Winnipeg up by 30 points, and had little to no impact on the outcome of the game.

The fact was that Winnipeg came to play on Sunday and Saskatchewan did not, the officiating was not good, but it didn't play a role in the outcome of the game.

I can admit that I was wrong here the officals didn't screw the riders but they still stunk.