We were robbed

B.C. shouldn't be too proud of themselves, they didn't win this game, the referees gave it to them with two horrible calls in succession.

I really think all the play in the media about the Tiger-Cats taking too many penalties and being undisciplined must have gotten into these referee's heads subconciously, if not conciously.

Spearing?? Before the whistle has gone? And, as the replays showed, it really was NOT a spearing tackle, he just did what happens every single play.

And don't even get me started on the pass interference call that effectively gave B.C. a touchdown. It should have been called on B.C., not us.

Pathetic officiating ruined an otherwise entertaining game. I don't mind losing, especially to B.C., the best team in the league. But two horribly bad calls on the same drive to give the other team the win? Come on!

The replay rules need to be updated so these types of plays can be challenged. These officials might be super qualified, I don't know, but those calls we're disgusting and they should not ruin a great footballl game.

Soooo disapointed, I can't wait to play B.C. at home, they aren't getting out of here with a W after this.

Agree 100%

What a joke!

Nah. Same two problems as last week.

  1. Stupid penalties

  2. Lousy receivers.

Does Thyron Anderson not know how to take a step back to catch the ball?

Gardner drops another easy catch in his hands and gives no effort in going for the ball on the interception. Have some heart man!

Curry is nowhere to be seen.

Ralph did ok.

I agree with yu some bad callsw and missed opportunities cost us the game....

how did you think ralph did ok?

No dropped, no offsides for starters.

Oh, and 6 catches for 66 yards is ok. That was tops among our receivers.

I agree that we had the same problems, but those problems didn't cost us the game, we were actually pretty even with B.C. the whole game across all aspects of the game. I think that the refs and their poor calls gave B.C. the winning touchdown and momentum to win.

I definetly agree though that stupid penalties were a factor, and recieving was again poor.

On the plus side, mental errors during play aside from the reviers seemed less prevelant. Look at the interceptions for instance, no bobbling this time, just read the quarterbacks.

I also think, our offensive line, which was a weak point the first couple games, has really jelled. They were definetly opening up holes for Jesse.

yea right on another post you siad it was all Maas’s fault! so which is it? you can’t have it both ways Can you?

I believe it was HalfTheDistance who might have said it best in the game thread by saying that what should have been said by ref was this:

Clcik here.

Despite the bad calls, if the receivers had made more plays, and we'd taken fewer stupid penalties, the game would not have been in question. We need a real playmaker at receiver.

How do you think he didn't?

He played a great game.....not only did he catch everything thrown to him, he made some very good blocks downfield to srping Lumsden.

Don't start this crap on Ralph again. He was excellent tonight.

I agree. He even fought for extra yards on the last series, which people got on him for not doing last week.

Can we not get one break???

McCants? He might be that guy.

I thought Anderson had a bit of a tough game...and he isn't a rookie.

So why not give McCants a shot?

Ralph played well... i wouldnt say it was outstanding, but well enough for me to lay off for at least another week.

we got robbed on that pass interfernce call in the endzone that was not a good call by the refs :x

I don't want to play you guys again because I actually want you guys to win. No harm intended, but I actually want you guys to succeed. I love Talman Gardner.

I thought Ralph played well last night, too...and I rag on him as much as anyone.

That was a really good game...i was impressed.

The refs did kill us...and, as usual, we killed ourselves. I cannot believe the boneheaded penalties that are taken by professional players. I like rough and tough football as much as anyone, so I'm good with excusing a roughing call here and there---if it's warranted. But lining up offside, contacting kickers and stupid holding calls really start to grate on you.

But overall, I was pretty happy with the performance. Lumsden was unbelievable.

I agree slodrive2 that we killed ourselves too, way too many stupid penalties (again) that were our fault.

Now that I've slept on it, and the "bad call anger" has settled down, I'm not sure if its fair for me to say the Tiger-Cats were "robbed" of a victory... it could have gone either way to be honest, it was a tight game. It really did feel like we were robbed last night though, especially with the season we are having coming off two poor seasons already. But I feel, for sure, that the fans were robbed of a conclusion to a good football game by too many bad calls, and I still think they need to adjust the replay review rules.

Ah well, crying does us nothing at this point... Winnipeg here we come! :wink:

I agree... give credit when credit is due...