We were lucky to win tonight!

I am happy we won, but what's wrong with the Bombers? Let's face it we were lucky to win tonight's game. Thank god Armstead decided to run that punt out of the end zone. If he didn't do that, we lose.

Seems like the Bombers can't get up for the games against "easy or weak" teams.

Well as long as we keep winning against the strong teams, thats all that matters in the playoffs.

Hamilton played well, props to them. Definetly what won it was Armstead's bad decision, then Juran's interception (which was B-E-Autiful)

Charlie finally did some damage in the 4th with those few break through runs, definetly helped win us the game.

you gotta realize the weather played a part in the game tonight but what was wrong with Kevin Glenn??? They get to the 8 yard line thanks to Charles Roberts and he chooses to thro the ball....not once but twice. Roberts coulda had it in the end zone and yet they have to settle for a fg.They gotta get it together or they have no chance.

Glenn hasnt been himself the last 2 games. Neither has Stegall.

However im very impressed with Armstrong, Edwards and Franklin. looks like life after Stegall will be alright!

...the whole team seemed to be misfiring....even the coach....when Berry decided he wasn't going to go for a 1st. down with less than a yd. to go ...and going against the wind...luckily he reversed the decision...c'mon guys ...we gotta play smarter than that....also....someone should tell Berry about the ol Bud Grant theory...which was pretty successful in this league...YOU TAKE THE WIND WHEN YOU GOT IT...because you never know when it will switch around....or just die out completely....Grant came out on top most of the time, when the wind blew, using that theory...OTHERWISE....yup ...we were lucky to win that one.... :roll: :roll:

glenn was due for a game like this... now its time for him to turn it around and play like he has been all year

whats wrong with milt? he had what? 3, 4 dropped balls including a TD? this is not the milt stegal we all know and love

the offensive line isnt really doing fvery well the past two games either, letting a three man line in toronto beat em up, and now a ticats team? letting kevin get sacked and not opening up anything for roberts? i hope berry seriously considers putting kahn in at gaurd for matt(injured) and putting picard in at center, this kid is gold!

troy westwood had a great game, but can he duplicate that on the road?

defence played great... time for more interceptions, i cant wait for malbrough to get healthy.... just imagine a line up of

bolden malbrough hebert malveaux bean

with our linebackers and defensive line, pretty much looks indestructable

i dont know whats wrong with our special teams... this is getting rediculous... ive almost givin up hope that they will turn around... i dont even expect anything great out of them.... all i want from them is to not royaly screw up and lose the game for us. when all you hope for is average, thats saying something.

and how bout the play of young up and comer chijoke! a critical knockdown in the fourth... almost with a pick against toronto(unfortunately he showed we hes a DB). this guy can ball

james u make a key point to o-line play has fallen apart in the last two games. the d-line is getting to far into the back field collapsing the pocket on glenn. so he just fires under the pressure, and roberts although a fantastic back can;t run without a hole being made.

at least that wind helped westwood and pikula gets some big kicks off, not to mention the way it bent the poles that made settas first fg attmept miss.

Sloppy with a few guys just not focussing right now. Eliminate the mistakes and Hamilton wouldn't even of gotten on the scoreboard tonight. Convert the dropped passes and the Bombers could of won by a lot more.

This is what happens when nobody is nipping at your heels in the standings. At least they're still winning, the Als would usually drop 6 or 7 in a row when they were in the same position in the past.

...James how about the catch by Franklin...when he contorted his body to come up with the ball...talk about GOLD...this guy is going to be a very big star in this league........ :thup: :rockin:

yes paps he will be a very big star in this league for sure! my moneys on him making 1000 yards next season.. especially if he practices with Glenn in the off season again

ya pap franklin will become a very key part of this bomber offence in the years to come but if you think about it, did you see how much time KG had in the pocket when he threw that bomb to derick armstrong? that was beautiful, for our o line james was right on!

[quote="PIGSEYE"]Sloppy with a few guys just not focussing right now. Eliminate the mistakes and Hamilton wouldn't even of gotten on the scoreboard tonight. Convert the dropped passes and the Bombers could of won by a lot more.

Yeah, and if Hamilton eliminated their mistakes, we would have gotten killed on Saturday.

Both teams made mistakes in that game, only Winnipeg took advantage of them slightly better. Really it WAS luck that we won that game.

Does anyone else notice that our kick returns are rounding into form? Now if we could just tackle the other team's returners we might have one more solid way to dominate the field position.

See my "So Close Now" thread, we still have 5 games left to get the bugs worked out. I'm just not sure that our ST coach McDiarmid is maybe the right guy for the job though.