We want your opinion... NOT!


For a rare moment, I just decided to participate in the front page poll on CFL.ca. I usually don’t because it’s not always relevant questions.

Nonetheless, I made a choice and clicked “submit”, only to get a “You are not authorized to carry out this operation.”

lal… This is especially funny when related to a poll.

Thanks for the heads up… We’re looking into it.

i like the huddle cuz it was just so simple…but i do like all the options.

  1. says when people are online
  2. says how many posts a person has
  3. private messages
  4. team fourms

…and many more

I tried to respond to the poll today regarding who will finish first in the East. I got the same message saying I am not authorized to carry out this function. Anyway I think the Argos will finish first.

I agree with Eskimos32001 about the options on this new site. I like them too.