We want the NFL

A upstate ny cfl team would be a great rival for the Ticats :cowboy:

For money.

But it's not gonna happen, despite the mass hysteria.

There you go! Draw first blood instead of waiting around for the shoe to drop. Put a team in Detroit, too. Why not? It’s a better strategy than Las Vegas, Shreveport, and Podunk, Alabama were. Limited exp. into the U.S., border cities with dogdirt for NFL teams and there’s plenty of places to play in and around both. A natural fit, IMO, although I’m sure the purists will find every reason to disagree.

Give us the Buffalo Bills...

We'll give you the Toronto Unpaid Bills.

I think expansion to showcase the NFL to the "Centre of the Universe" and Canada will be more like a peep hole in any regard. A couple of home games a year should do this city fine to scare the NFL in doing better to keep their product in America. Which they will.

The Bills in TO exercise feels more like a foot in the door to expand NFL Europa to me anyway.

Let the CFL play the NFL...according to CFL rules, and then see who wins. :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure that we DONT want the NFL

Talk about a snore fest...the Grey Cup. Run, pass, drop the pass, kick and repeat.

At least the got the coin toss right.

Nothing like a fair catch for real football excitement

LOL You're killing me, ro... :lol:

Don't forget the OT. Don't get me wrong I don't think the CFL or NHL OTs are that great but honestly.

The Bears-Broncos game was a joke. The OT system in the NFL is so stupid, I can't understand. Imagine if they had the same system in baseball :oops:

Money? Could you imagine what the risk is on a venture of this stake? The amount that could be lost is so huge.

There are games every week in the NFL that are low scoring. EVERY WEEK. There have even been low scoring Superbowls. It may be hard to believe.

Try to see the truth behind the unfocused insight of your own bias.

Anyone watch tonight's snorefest? Steelers won 3-0. Of course, we had to wait over 50 minutes to see the game-winning field goal.

Have you noticed that the Monday night Football games this year have been really bad games? They are either a blowout or a borefest. I am a fan of the NFL but the MNF games are bad this year.

I agree. Out of the 11 so far, I've only enjoyed maybe 3.

Washington @ Philly wasn't overly exciting, but it was still decent.
Indy @ Jacksonville was OK, but then, I'm an Indy fan. :lol:
I'd say probably the best Monday Night game so far was Dallas @ Buffalo. How the Cowboys were able to come from behind and win that game...

Go live in the states, you are ignorant

Hey wewantthenfl, do you understand what football is all about, 3 or 4 downs? From your intelligent and thought provoking posts, I don't think you have a frickin clue buddy.

Great article here, I think it has a lot of merit to it. Although I still think that there are enough real diehard NFL fans in southern Ontario to make it work to be honest who like the NFL more than any other sports league. But certainly nothing certain about this at all. I know myself, if someone asks me about going to an NFL game in Toronto, as someone living in Hamilton, I'll say if I want to go to an NFL game, I just have a short drive to Buffalo and there I can take in the game with a more American NFL type audience. Not really interested in going to an NFL game in Toronto which wouldn't have that same American football NFL atmosphere I'm sure:

[b]"The biggest reason to pass on the opportunity to milk the cash cow is the fear of failure. The NFL correctly sees itself as the best-run sports league anywhere. It doesn't like making mistakes and coming into hockey-nuts southern Ontario would be a mistake. History shows the American League Toronto Blue Jays can draw only when the team is winning. The same goes for the NBA Raptors.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, who haven't won the Stanley Cup for 40 years, however, are one of the most successful and richest NHL franchises.

Idolizing hockey and its NHL players is how Canadian kids grow up, with the same passion for the game as the Dillon Panthers in the fictional dusty Texas town on TV emulate the NFL.

The Toronto Argonauts and the rest of the CFL teams can live quite nicely playing second fiddle to the NHL. They can do it because it doesn't cost $700 million for a franchise (the estimated asking price for the Bills). CFL costs are less and ticket prices a lot less than what the asking price for the Toronto Bills will be. Canadians can watch their favourite NFL teams for free now." ...[/b]

[url=http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?id=961f065e-a59c-4b49-ab31-c3f19d91d36a&k=97503]www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?i ... 6a&k=97503[/url]

I guess I would take in an NFL game in Canada as long as the CFL and/or hosting CFL city CFL team gets something significant out of it.

Wow are you serious?? Hey you have 4 downs to get the same amount of yardage on a smaller field you idiot. Run, wait 40 seconds, Run, wait 40 seconds, Pass, wait 40 seconds, Punt, Fair Catch. Next teams turn..I love how the NFL fans get so excited over a missed field goal return lol..try adjusting your endzones to open things up and avoid a 3-0 final on a MONDAY NIGHT game. Yea that was primetime alright, give me a freakin break already. But I "LOVE" watching the NFL redzone offence. LOL are they gonna run it or throw the fade to the tallest piece of trash out there?? Only 2 plays in any teams redzone playbook. Well I guess once a season they try and throw the quick slant inside haha and then it gets picked off so they scrap it!! Only 11 guys? you need 40 seconds in between plays because all your players are on steroids and have no endurance whatsoever. I have seen 3 touchdowns put up in 40 seconds in the CFL. Also, if the Grey Cup was played by NFL rules the Riders would have won with 4 minutes left, they would just take repeated knees. Lol what a joke that a game can be OVER with 2 minutes left by taking a knee. In the NFL you only have to play probably 30 minutes. The other 30 mins are spent in between plays and kneeling the ball.

You think your players are so great..hmm how about the great Warren Moon...yep, Canada gave him the shot. Something a little more modern? Hmm k how bout your rushing champ Ricky Williams...what happened again? O wait haha yea now I remember, He met the Reaper and Reggie broke his effin arm. That should send a message, prepare yourself for the CFL or we will take you out lol. Bring Peyton Manning up here, he will set a record for time counts because all he does is fricken audible for 38 seconds then ends up a draw play or slant/slant n go lol. I would love to introduce him to Fred Perry, Cam Wake, Tom Canada, Reggie Hunt etc..Keep your garbage league down there where you have to play in sunshine or in domes aside from a couple teams. I would love to see a superbowl played on Lambeau at the end of January and see what kind of men they are.

For the fans in TO that want the NFL, get off your lazy @$$3$ and travel a bit south and watch Buffalo or better yet just move there.

ISNT WARREN MOON A AMERICAN SAME AS RICKY WILLIAMS?the nfl if it comes to canada will end the cfl for good....the cfl is trying to hold in small markets....i see the nfl buying the cfl the only thing if that happens is what to do with all the non-import players i know the nfl would not want to keep them who are on the roster based on rules i see the cfl changed in a major way if the nfl comes to toronto.....to comepete they will have to get better players and the only place to get them is america