We want the NFL

The CFL is so thrilled the Grey Cup is a sell-out. If you take out those who travelled from the west, how many would they get? Toronto wants real professional football. We want the NFL.

Yup. Bring on the Bills.

I hope your wish never comes true.

so all those cflers in the nfl now, they are "unprofessional"
go call people names on a schoolyard if that's what floats your boat. don't insult the CFL. it's rude and childish. basically, please grow up

How about that, a Bomber fan and a Rider fan agreeing. CFL fans rule. Keep the NFL in the USA.

OP, if I was in the same room with you, one of us would be sending the other to the hospital. If you live in Canada, GTFO cause you dont belong here.

What the CFL needs to do is Play some games against NFL teams and show the Toronto market that they already have a Professional League.

WHY WOULD THEY PLAY?i dont get it.....if u have a game between the nfl/cfl would the nfl guys take it serious the money issue is the key would u play hard against a gy who only got a 60,000 dollar a year contract?i think it would be good to pair the cfl against a arena all-star team.....but the nfl theres no point to play and risk getting hurt

You are a REAL LOSER my friend. Your the type of person that ignores a dying grandparent in favor of a new love interest. The grandparent, rich with family tradition and love for you. Your love interest, a passing phase. For what you stand to lose, you should be embarrassed. I certainly am for you.


Buddy, I hate to burst your bubble, but the Grey Cup game was sold out prior to the outcome of the finals. In fact they had to add 1200 seats to keep up with demand. real football is CFL, NFL football is a joke, boring dumb rules and just an all out snoozefest of a game. Deal with it there is no NFL coming to Canada

While it would be extremely naive to even imagine players getting hurt for a diffence of a few pounds, but a game between leagues is even worse. LOL. Anyone remember the SNL skit, BAD IDEA JEANS? LOL.


Well if the Neanadertal Flatulence League(Old Fart League)is soooo great, why does the CFL kicks butt in the ratings!!!!! Three NFL games together barely adds up to a cRaptors game in the ratings!! The major squak about the Bills coming to Toronto, is coming from the Toronto (I wanna be American)media.
Instead of showing thaat the CFL is alive and kicking, let's just bombard us constantly about the NFL coming to Toronto. Let me remind you that the last the NawFuL was in Toronto, there was only 32,000 in the stands!!! Of that about 20,000 were from Detroit and Buffalo, and there was a whole lot of freebies!!!!!!!!! The most exciting part of the game was John Madden opening the Skydome roof during the game!! 'nuff said!

Oh by the way, if the Bills ever came to Toronto,kiss NFL betting of "pro-line" or any other Provincal lotteries good-bye. It would go the way of the NBA did a few years ago!!! Then why would you bother watching the NFL!!! :lol: [/i][/b]

Apparently, this guy speaks for all of Toronto. Four million people of a couple of dozen nationalities, races, and religions...and one voice!


Who needs a city council? Just anoint this guy as your new king: he knows what Toronto wants!

He must...he says so.

A week or so ago I was watching the CFL playoffs and there was also a televised game between Buffalo and Miami. The Buffalo Miami score near the end of the 3rd quarter was 3 to 2 WOW!!!!! That's the premier league at it's average slow moving pace.
Leave the NFL in the USA we don't need or want it up here. Our faster pace game requires a greater attention span.
David :rockin:

What about when the Colts put up 31 points against Atlanta? Funny how you use an example featuring two crap teams just so you can prove your point. :roll:

Honestly, this topic is completely ridiculous, and some people need to reread their posts and realize how ridiculous they are. You got people ripping on the NFL, people using childish names like "cRaptors," and people saying they'd kick the crap out of someone for an opinion.

Speaking of growing up...

I don't understand the fuss over this. As I've heard it, everyone's on a Wilson death watch and when the bugger croaks, the team goes up for sale. Until then nothing happens..Somebody or some group of investors from Buffalo/the U.S. will jump all over it and the Bills will stay at home for at least another 50+ years as I see it. I doubt the NFL will be quick to go gold mining in Canada, but if it does, that just means more football for Canada, which doesn't have to translate into a bad thing. It's one market, not the whole country.

I just have trouble understanding why the Bills would actually want to go to Toronto.

I don't get why a franchise would move a couple hundred miles (I don't know the exact distance) just so the lower half of their fanbase (Toronto) gets a team, while the larger portion of their fanbase (Buffalo) loses their team and then has to buy passports to cross the border.

Not to mention (which has been brought up on this forum before) the fact that other cities in the USA would love the chance at an NFL team. I really don't think the NFL is Canada bound anytime soon.

An honest question: How bad is the fanbase in Buffalo right now? I don't know, but it looked pretty good during their game against Dallas. I've never heard such a loud stadium in the NFL before.

That is what I am talking about. WHy wold they spit in the faces of their American fans by moving to Canada?