That pass to Woodcock was the worst pass I have ever seen in my life,that was caught,LOL.

First you need to know how it works around here.

Porter is next on the "we want" list. He's 3rd. After he plays bad for a bit we then go to "we want Chang" that's how it works in Hamilton. It's always the next QB.

It dont matter who we have at QB, the line dont give us enough time to get a play off.

Out of all of them Williams is probably our best shot at avoiding the rush.

Lets look at where the problem lies, the O-line.

We should bring in Ian Merz, ex Buffalo Bills centre, I hear hes looking for work and he lives in Niagara. :wink:

Its not the QBs fault, it is the offense in general. You put a guy like Printers or Williams on a good team, and they would kick butt. Our offense is inept. Coaching schemes and plays are very limited. After watching Williams play a good game last night. It`s evident that the QB is not the problem around here.

um no we dont want chang.

The pass that original poster was referring to is Williams' fault. His deep balls leave a lot to be desired.

I like Chang too. There's an intangible about him that I like. I hope he's learning from where he is now.

That play to Woodcock had an easy 6 points written all over it,by any other QB in the CFL.If you can't make that play,you can't be a starter in the CFL.I question Williams' arm strength as well.


Captain Kirk wrote,

The pass that original poster was referring to is Williams' fault. His deep balls leave a lot to be desired.

I like Chang too. There's an intangible about him that I like. I hope he's learning from where he is now.

I know that Captain.

I still think Ritchie played a good game. His running is great, but to say start Chang isn`t going to make a difference. There is nothing wrong with Printers and Williams.

Williams is amazing at throwing the jump ball thats for sure. But all other passes tend to be more finesse/floaters than anything.

Williams did bring some life to the offense, and because of that he should get another start.

Just my 2 cents

I know.

I just like watching Timmy play for some reason. I like his spunk. (No, not that kind, beets!)

im a huge fan of timmy chang and i even bought his jersey... he is a good quarterback that struggled last season but so did casey printers. it doesnt matter which quarterback plays for the ti-cats this season there all going to struggle with the o-line playing the way it is now. i definatley dont think that porter should be the number 3 before timmy. timmy played well in the pre-season and i was surprised he wasnt the number 2 guy this season. Richie williams played really well against the als last nite puting up 33 points and i think he should get another chance to play before we put casey printers back in. id like to hear your thoughts on that.

Chang is a gunslinger but with no oline he would get killed out there! I like Chang too much to see him start with Hamilton right now. Williams did awesome in his first start this season. It takes more than a couple of bad passes to talk about starting someone else. The defense needs to get better and heal up from injury (bradley). Richie is the MAN!

After all the calls for Williams, he gets one start and now we're back to Chang? And Williams didn't even play a bad game. This is truely comical. Welcome to the role of starting quarterback Richie.

Regardless of whatever else you can knock Casey for, you can not even mention him in the same breath with the ineptness of Timmy Chang.

Hamilton has played 6 games this season and still NO passing touchdowns! It's great Printers and Williams can run with the ball, but it's not giving the recievers any incentive to get open. I wanna see Timmy Chang play. I wanna see a gunslinger who will give the recievers a reason to run on the field. Who will give the recievers a chance to make a play. I wanna see some touchdowns through the air. Long Bombs!!!

8) Exactly right !!!!! :wink:

does anyone wanna see me play qb this year? :x

Could you tell me what Chang has done to you to speak so poorly of him. He looked to be the best QB out of training camp. He earned our Number 2 position last year and lost it when he had to face the No.1 defence in the league with the worst offence in the league. I believe he THREW the Ticats's longest TD pass last year, which is a lot better than Mr. Printers has done this year. If you don't think he should start that's fine but I would not call him inept. I may call you inept but I would not call a pro football player who smashed college records inept.

I don't believe its the QB's fault we have a sub-par passing attack.We had 10 WR's in camp and we still can't stretch the field.I think the guys with the best raw talent should be our wideouts.Guys with size and speed(not necessarily a lot of experience is needed there)Guys who can stretch the field.The slots should be the more experienced players.Although I like Woodcock,he is not a WR.We could also use a Tight End.Ernest Jackson could fit the bill.That would give us some much needed pass protection.Stetch the field with skilled players,Smart inside receivers that know how to get open and the threat of a Tight End and 3 good running backs should be enough to give the defence fits.The bigest blame goes to the coaches.We have enough talent on this roster.Hopefully they will figure out how to use it.Sorry I was a little rough on Richie.GO CATS.