We Want Buono

At this point, it seems like he's the only guy around who could possibly restore respectability, and bring back a winning attitude to this franchise.

His record speaks for itself: Only missed the playoffs once since becoming a head coach in 1990, all the while having quarterbacks, running backs, and other key personnel positions with different skill sets and experience, from rookies to veterns. This guy knows how to win. Pay him whatever he wants, and give him whatever control he desires.

I'm with you on this 110%!

He would never leave BC.

As much as I'd love to see him here the statement above is 100% true.

better chance of getting mike riley.

I think Wally is a coaching genius. The guy doesnt put up with any garbage concerning his football teams. hes not afraid to let anyone go, if they don`t buy into his system.

Some people say coaching doesn`t make that much of a difference but with Buono here, I believe he would.

Unfortunately, I don`t think he would leave B.C.

Why would he want to come here?

Now, I'm all for bringing in Buono, I even suggested it when before they hired Taaffe. The problem is getting him here. He's got a cushy job in BC and Hamilton is a total mess right now.

I would love to see Buono here, I was talking about this while watching the game on Saturday.

You can say that he'll never leave BC but did you ever think he would leave Calgary?

There's more chance that Santa will be the Cats' next HC.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ah...now we realize who really was responsible for BC's sucess!

Once Feterik bought the team, Buono was living on borrowed time in Calgary. Unfortunately, Buono and Lions owner Braley seem to get along very well.

An Argo-Cat fan

Everybody is available if the price, opportunity and situation are right. If you want Buono you have to actively pursue him and make an "offer he can't refuse". Having said that, he would be nuts to come here.

We keep hearing rumours out here on the West Coast that now that Taffe is gone Dave Ritchie will come out retirement next year. Any truth to that rumour?

The team has a better chance to land " Mr. Ed " I belive coaching does make a huge difference along with talent. The Tiger Cats lack coaching skills - talent and someone to FIND talent. Once again what does Obie
and Rambo bring to the table other than getting a pay check -

8) HO HO HO !!!!! :wink:

Logic and history would say yes.

Coachs rarely stay retired.

The Cats will be looking for a "Name" Coach to help convince people to buy tickets.

I'm not convinced it would be the best move, but at this point I'd say it is the most likely.