We wake up to OTTAWA sports news!

Big news, as expected. I thought though it wasn't going to be released untill Monday or Tuesday because there has been a major addition to the U.S. group.

I will detail all of you when I find out.

Did Horn Chen die and will the big R to the people of Ottawa, to be used as they see fit?

Hey...Give us those Lottery numbers! :roll:

....the Palmer group has a purchase agreement from Chen for the rights to the letter R.....

Hey I own the rights to the letter R and O and the number 13!

And this thread was brought to us by the letter G, and the number 12.

I would have said the leters B and S but thats me! :lol:

hahhaha.. nice. :lol:

......hey, it's o.k, don't go, you know, out of your way or anything....

Of course its the letters B and S. Look who was the one who started the thread in the first place: Marty York's clone. :roll: :lol:

Actually you are not far off. Horn Chen is going to reliqush the Rogh Rider name and logo to a group that is making the bid for the team. Go to TSN.ca there is a story there!

Does he run this through babelfish five or six times before posting his stuff.

Here let me try the above and see how it comes out.

We get this:

If it takes this posting babelfish five or six times before his equipment.

More of a reason to meager the Golden and Palmer groups, this is the best chance Ottawa has had in years to get their history back!

Well, as I mentioned in another thread, it looks like none of the groups want to keep Renegades. So it will be "Riders" in some shape or form.

No gold in unis --- before you ask.

We’ll see… :wink:

hope the Gades name survives

Not too hard to go out of your way when you're a liar! :o

Great news!!! Now lets hope the fans show up and the OTTAWA media doesn't try to kill it before it grows , like the last 3 times.