We $uck because...

...we took a beating from a third string qb.

Other thoughts? Try it out, it'll make you feel good.

...I kept hearing "the pass is over his head"

...peterson makes a catch and always drops the next one...tonight it was a big one...craptacular!

I'd have to say he was the cats best player tonight him or Hitch for that hit on the QB on the 2. although Keith made him look stupid at some plays but again Keith made alot of the defence look stupid.

The players uniforms, the cheerleaders uniforms, the new logo, and white pants.

It's all about fashion, baby.

...our defense was too predictable, even CBC commentators knew that!

our offence was too predictable, the Riders showed that

We are the only team in the league who will be beaten by another teams 3rd string QB.

The whole team is predictable ,thier stats show that !!!

we couldn't beat the hill park rams — i hear they're pretty good.
i don't know what's wrong with this team, except maybe everything.
one thing i do know, though, is that it can't be fixed in-season. we shall have to wait to the offseason, then blow up the coaching staff. the coaches we will want here are elsewhere in the cfl and we cannot get to them now.

there is one thing wrong with this team, and it's that it has no character. and a team's character flows from its culture.
all groups of people — an office, a shop floor, a family — have a culture that they share. it includes shared beliefs and values, and it makes up who you are within the group, and also how you react when things happen.

ronnie has said he doesn't believe in a team culture; well, it's apparent that's true because of the way we react when 'stuff happens.' buono has a culture in bc; matthews has one in montreal; pinball has one in toronto; that's a major reason why they're successful and we're not. ronnie doesn't believe in it, so we don't have one.

it's sad and it's predictable, just like the rest of this season.

ronnie is a lame duck coach — he stands aloof and alone on the sidelines and is letting the sh-- stick to the wall. the players are at the point now where they are playing only well enough individually to keep their jobs. they don't have to impress ronnie; they must impress whoever is coaching next year, the new head coach who will instil culture in our hamilton tiger-cats.

this season is lost. we shall have endure whatever travesties await. there is no fix available, and nothing in the intrinsic makeup, the moral fibre, of the tiger-cats that can help us to avoid it. we're doomed.

in boxing terms, the tiger-cats have become the 'tomato can' of the cfl; a washed-up wretch with no chance who's wheeled into various rings to take a beating. in boxing, when a figher is overmatched and taking a pounding, the ref will wave the fight off, remove the loser's mouthpiece and send him to his corner.
not so in football; we're going to have to watch 60 full minutes of athletic cruelty each and every game. the poundings will be frightful and it will try our patience.

we, the fans, will have to keep our heads on a swivel and buckle up our chinstraps. it won't be pretty ...

I don't know about the hill park rams, but I agree the balance of this season will be dismal to watch.

You make some great points - there is nothing that can be done to salvage this season so the fans of this club will just have to be patient and look to a brighter 2007 when, hopefully, all of the off-season moves will generate the winning team & season we all long for

It is extremely annoying to watch this team self distruct.
Time after time, we take stupid penalties that snuff out promising drives, take points off the board and allows the opposing team to continue their own drives.
There is absolutely no discipline, no accountability for ones actions.
This is very, very sad to watch over and over again.

I have no idea why Cats are having such rough year.

Some of it is because of Paopao and his playcalling. Some of it is due to injury esp whatver it is that has been plauguing Maas. Mark Lee said on broadcast he knows it's torn abdominal muscles.

It's not as if Tabbies don't have telent on field.

For whatever reason, they're not producing enough as a team.

As tempting as it is to look for a scapegoat, there's always something deeper than "one" cause.

Bob Young has shown his marketing genius with club and restoring it from very serious situation. Now he has to assess the front-office, admin and determine what needs changing. He's not going to make decisions on players.