We The Fans

Is it possible that we, the fans of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats must take some resposability for whats going on with our team?
The Caretaker talks to players before the home opener, (the first time he did this). Coach Taafe pulls Maas in the second quarter,(if Jason cant handle the Argo defence how does anyone expect a rookie to) it seems as though they are desperate to make any move just to appease the fans. Lets stop the boos and jeers and cheer our team, at least until Labour Day. Why not give them a chance to make the moves and adjustments and allow the rookies to gain some experience. Remember we asked, and got them to tear down the mess from last year and rebuild for the future. It is no accident that Charlie Taafe is a two time coach of the year, and Im sure well find that Marcel was the brains behind Popp. I would just like us to cut them some slack and trust that they know what they are doing. Just my thoughts getting P.O. hasnt helped the situation.

Thank you for your post .