We stunk but we're not that far away

The breakdown,

we got stank-tagged last night (ie getting hit so hard that when you wake up you need to take a shower cuz you've been down for so long...)

Here's why:

Denis Creehan and Marcel Bellefuieueuiuieuelle
Not only was our headcoach half way out the door, when he was convinced to stay he hires the man who ran the only defense in the league that was as bad as ours has been the last few years; AND the man who earned the nickname Marcel Belle-fool in Saskatchewan (this repeats later...)

Marcel: playcalling was brutal, the only major gains were plays designed for short yardage (Smith's 75 yard TD run up the middle)
No real attempts to stretch the D until the third Q and no real attempts to bring our high priced hired gun into the game until then either (Miles) The third down gamble was the right call, the play chosen was not.

Creehan: Your 3-4 doesn't work. Using Charlton Keith on the inside, doesn't work, using two DTs and McKay-Loescher on the line DOESN'T APPLY PRESSURE TO THE QB. Not blitzing ever with a 3-4 does not work.

Obie, you've brought in some quality players, BUT, why these?
(Not questioning these player's heart and determination but their ability)

Ray Mariuz: This wasn't an Obie recruit, but he's starting because of Obie. Great special teamer, not Jojuan Armour.
'nuff said.

Charles Thomas: Why? Why even bother starting this guy, we've got Canadians who can play tackle, lets develop one. His nickname in Riderland was Turnstile Thomas... noticing a trend from these rider cast offs...

and finally...


Printers: I'm not sure if it's lack of game time in the last few years but either his reads were off OR he hasn't caught up to game speed yet.
Borehamgirl and a few others will know what I mean when I say he messed up on what could have been the "arland bruce crossing pattern" to mitchell.

Rookie Mistakes:
Lotta fresh meat folks, mitchell's drop and some blown coverage and slow reaction time by Knowlton (14 tackles BUT could have had three picks easily IMO)