We stink

Yes, it's game 1....yada yada yada

OL stunk
Run defense stunk
Penalties, penalties, penalties....

I feel like it is just another 0-fer starting......how many losses .....then fire the coach....start over....lose and and lose and lose......

No positives.
Wow....I am sick of it.

No positives.
I can think of two positives. One: I'm closer to 25% off my season seats for next year Two: My net connection was so bad that I couldn't listen to the game. :)

Two: My net connection was so bad that I couldn't listen to the game.

You lucky !$#&*!!!!

I usually try to avoid the Ticats.ca forum after a loss, but watching tonights game makes it really hard to be a fan of this team.

I try my best to stay positive and I realize it is the first week of the season, but honestly, that was a complete waste of three hours.

Penalties upon penalties, a defense that hemorrhages yardage, and an offense line that avoids pass rushers like the plague.

Anyone want any tickets for next weeks game in Toronto?

I will be the guy with the bag on my head.

Where is my time machine to take me back to 1999?

  • paul

Ew, what's that smell? Oh, it's you Hamilton. You stink. :wink:

Yes, we do.

Hey now, the smell isnt that bad on the mountain. :lol:

I'm in BC and I can smell it out here.....

At least it didn't rain, and the beer was cold!

What was our total yards in penalties. I`m guessing 125? Anyone?

it wasnt so bad, we woulda had three more points if we put an end on the line for a fg.

it wasnt so bad, we woulda had three more points if we put an end on the line for a fg.
And they might have had a few less if not for the 3 down gamble in our own end in the first quarter

what a bunch of idiots. My general respect for ticat fans is taking a beating tonight. What the hell did you people expect. Forget every other yr. They reloaded, again (what else could they do after last yr?), and now they got to work the kinks out. If you expected them to look like cup contenders already tonight, then you are way out of touch with reality.

The attitude that fans should have had going into the game was simply to look for positives while knowing that there were still going to be many negatives. I for one expect the first half of the season to not be much better than last yr, but I also expect the second half to show lots of promise for next yr. Thats realistic.

Instead of bitching about expected negatives, fans should be encouraged about positives, like that printers looked better than this printers doubter expected him too. Some new(er) receivers looked promising. So many new faces, on and off the field. I saw from the ticats what I expected tonight. What I didnt expect was montreals execution to look so good.

If you already to write the ticats off, then screw you because you reek as a fan, and I dont care how many tickets you been buying over how many yrs, you still reek.

Very few.
However, I thought Printers showed signs that he can still be a top QB in this league. Unfortunately, he wasn't given much help on the other side of the ball.
Defence...downright offensive!
Team discipline...just like last year! re. Coaching staff.
Officiating...even worse than the defence!

I'm in Taiwan and I can smell the foul stench emitting from Ivor Wynne

You read my mind FYB. good post.

We don't have a hockey team like the leafs to go about. Leave us alone!!! :lol:

I have to agree! I so lots of positives in our offence! although gordon got burned a couple times he played decent. they picked on him all night so what else do you expect? our defensive backfeild doesnt look to bad but we still need to get more of a rush on the qb.

Ok, enough is enough. Loyalty is one thing but blind faith is another. Look at the past 3 years of history. I'll remind you if you have forgotten. 2005 - Cats suck, some games still sell out, 2006 - Cats suck, some games sell out, 2007 - Cats still suck, ( I don't think any sellouts at this point). Here we are at 2008 and yet again... You guessed it, we suck. I will never stop being a fan and I don't think any of us will, but I think we are at a point now where this team owes us all something and it is up to them to prove that they deserve our loyalty. Tonight was an embarassment. I personally will be looking to see what the response is from Obie and Taffe.

Sky is falling once again. Give it a rest. Did i mention, good first post? Troll