We Still Have Farr...to go

Of all the changes this team has made both on and off of the field over the last two seasons, one thing that remains constant despite the begging, pleading from fans and the over-all poor performance of Jason Farr.

Seriously, does this guy have dirt on somebody??

How he can continue to spew his high school basketball style drivel into a professional sports stadium for this long and maintain employment is beyond me.

Can we not find someone (anyone?) who can provide professional public address announcements to the 20,000 willing victims each game??? If you want him to continue all of those infomercials during the game...fine.


Someone on Jarvis St...please listen!!!

Seriously, does this guy have dirt on somebody??
One Wonders because there does not seem to be any logic for him to still be our PA guy. I am not a fan of him. :cowboy:

Hendy, were you at the event last night??

I wondered how long it would take based on his performance last night. I'm sure he's a very nice guy but he's as annoying as they come.

The nickname game really has to go.

I think Candace should do that job. Welcome Candace to the ticat family!!!!

I wish all the best for him but really I have no idea how he has kept his job as the Cats PA guy. Just not professional enough. He tries to change his inflections but that isn't the role of the PA announcer I don't think. Whatever, it just doesn't work for football. Basketball and lacrosse I think he'd be excellent for though.

A little overwrought to be sure. That seems to be habit-forming at times, perhaps! The trendy names aren't so trendy anymore. Chris Berman, he isn't.

he keeps his job because as soon as there is a post about him it gets deleted, so no one really knows how much he is disliked

i don't think anyone will argue with the cats getting rid of him though

Well, I certainly don't dislike him, I do think he has a lot of passion for TiCat football and that and he seems like a great guy. Just the wrong sport here, that's all.

His voice is good, i wouldn't mind keeping him if he just toned it down a bit.

I dont have a problem with him

the guy has to go and its been said over and over again on numerous threads. He not only ruins it for people at the games but he manages to ruin the at home tv broadcasts as well. The guy actually drowns out the announcers. It cant get much worse than that. Jason..........YOUR FIRED!!

You can't blame a Guy for loving his Job
I agree if He toned it down a bit He be better.
How many would be able to do this job.
not many I suspect

Im so bumping this forum

how do you bump a forum??

poor guy, he really loves what he's doing, he's just a bit over enthusiastic. there is no need to cut him up and call him unprofessional. someone in the front office should just ask him politely to tone it down a bit. I would love to have his job, and can see why he is so enthusiastic.

I agree. Certainly it wouldn't take long for some poobah in this lair to search "Jason Farr" or "Rampant Monster Truck Ad Noise Polluter Lost in a Football P.A. Booth," collate some of the fan reaction in these forums, and present those findings to him.

There's a few years of bile to wade through, but the gist of it is clear! LOL

Bill Stirrup was class all the way compared to the current fare.

Oski Wee Wee,

To each his/her own I guess. Farr doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I kind of like his over-the-top delivery. Way preferable to someone with a boring, monotone.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am with you on this, Tom.

I think he has toned it down
from what he was like at first.

At least, he hasn't said


for a few years,

Let's all listen to him this year
and see how often he goes too far.

That's it, let's call him

Jason "Too Far" Farr.


You see, Jason, sometimes
nicknames don't work.

You can't fire a guy for loving his job; you can fire him for being bad at it.

Jason Farr, while passionate is also a TERRIBLE announcer. I find him combined with the excessive commercialization and things on the screen to be disgusting.

I feel most of the time like those things take precedence over the actual game as far as the franchise is concerned.

Sad, but true.