This is the truest 'team' sport in the world.

The oldest and proudest football tradition in North America! (circa 1869, so you can stuff it Argos!)

The best D in the league!

Our boys in black and gold are gonna bring the Cup home!

Holy makinaw
Tigers, eat 'em raw!

i like it LB, I believe!!!!

but lets start with beatin the Rumpriders first :wink:

Jeff has had a game and a half ,wind storm and all to settle in a bit.
Looking for a good game from our new QB Mathews and our new running game as well :cowboy:

A good time to get the Tiger-Cat engine in gear and roaring again with a win tonight against Saskatchewan!!

We Believe, Let’s be Loud & Proud of our Tiger-Cats!!


13th man ,(the fans ) at THF will help our team to victory :thup:

Ps: real fans not hogtown fans ( bandwagoners) Go to a university stadium in a small town called Guelph, when their home is being demolished! We believe , real fans pack the house and push their team to two championship finals two years in a row! we believe !!, our star QB goes down and out and we never give up ! WE BELIEVE ! We CAN AND WILL HOIST THAT CUP :thup: :rockin: because our fans bleed black and gold and are the 13TH MAN AT THF :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: loud and very proud !!!!


We just whooped the worst team in the CFL A$$ ! Baby steps Mathews YOU CAN DO IT !

Nah let him run. He may have only beat the worst team but damn did he ever beat the worst team!!

Truth is, Mathews' throws were spot on. that throw to Sinkfield in the 4th for a first down was into coverage, but perfectly where only Sink was going to get it. His deep ball is seriously on point, and when he keeps he fights for yards after the tackle.

Reminds me very much of our #4, and it's apparent why Austin has trusted the guy as the next man up.

Michael Ford: we finally have a mean runningback!!! love that the guy can power through tackles for tough yards. three weeks ago 2nd and 3 would have been a passing down for this team, last night we could trust our ground game. Or offense is better with him back there. His blocking and hands are also great.

Probably the main reason Grigsby was released…

Matthews stats are UNREAL! damnit he's accurate!

Hope Ford can bounce back for this week, he brings the rushing game this team has been missing all season.

I've said it once, i'll say it a thousand times; this is the truest team sport in the world and when all three squads are clicking the Ticats are Grey Cup quality!

First in the east with three games to go, let's go Cats!

Austin has made such a difference with this organization. To have your all star quarterback go down in one of the best seasons for the Ticats would have devasted some teams. Instead of panicking, Austin has instilled the true team spirit for this team and it shows in all facets of the game.

If you are going to say it once or a thousand times then please explain. What the heck do you mean "the truest team sport in the world" ?????

man, do you even football? (jk)

in most other sports a team can often cling to just a couple of players to break things open and make them championship contenders.

In football, and especially with the small rosters of the CFL it takes every player on the game day roster completing their assignments in order to win.

You absolutely need all 12 men, on each offense, defense and special teams performing at a high level if you want to bring home hardware. If 1 person blows a play, it can change absolutely everything.

eg. A quarterback is nothing without good receivers and protection. A defense will never force plays if the receivers are always open. A kicker can't get a field goal with a bad snap. The list goes on and on for every situation in the game.

I started this thread because while losing Zack is front page news, so was losing CJ. Fantuz, Bolden, Madu, Gaydosh,Bulke, Sears Jr., Watt. And despite all of this we still have the best complete team in the league and we keep winning games.

I'm surprised to see there aren't more people who don't feel the same

We've got the defence that'll win us the championship for sure.

Our offence may not be the high octane machine it was, but it's still totally solid.

No need to even mention special teams!

The players surrounding Mathews could carry a mediocre QB to the Grey Cup and even win it for him.

Fortunately, Mathews is far from mediocre. He's showing more and more every game and had proven he can throw anywhere on the field with fantastic accuracy.

This team is every bit as dangerous as it has been all season