We showed up.....

......We showed up for the semi-final clincher at home.....the stumps not so much....We left them beaten and frozen in Cowtown...Won a game we needed and should have had a few games ago BUT hey we sure looked good doing it....Congrats to the guys on a huge win for this club....Now we need to cobble together a few more....BIG thumbs up to Andrew Harris and his record setter....and IF Ogopogo and Jeffcoat can turn in a few more performances like that one.....we have something going on here....We need to really convince the locals in the next one with a win over the schmoes or green guys....Bring on either one....it'll be LOUD

Congrats to Andrew Harris.
Didn't quite reach his milestone quest to be the first 1000/1000 yard man but in the process, he might end up as (the first?) to lead the league in both rushing yards AND receptions in the same season.

What I really liked was that even though we couldn’t do much on offense, every time that Cal. had a big play and got some momentum our D immediately shut them down, usually by consecutive sacks… We also now know who’s the 2nd for QB. If Lefevour ever gets throwing again, look out. I remember that game that Suitor and Cuthbert were talking about when Lefevour gave us a lesson. I was impressed with him before that when he played for the Cats. From the start I was happy we signed him. He wants to win and he will knock people over to do it.