We Should Trade Tay Cody

The guy is a good player, and he's worth something, but he doesn't want to be here, and that's not going to help his on field play. he is a good player but he is expendable. I think we can get a good defensive tackle for him, or maybe a guard.

The 2008 AAFL regular season ends on June 21st. Their first round playoffs are on June 28th and the championship game will be played on either July 3rd or July 5th.

The 2007 CFL regular season commenced on June 28th. Therefore, if the CFL season was to commence on roughly the same day this year, players from non-playoff AAFL teams would probably be free to join CFL teams approximately one week before the start of the CFL regular season. Therefore, if Bob O'Billovich and Charlie Taaffe want Tay Cody to play for the Ticats in 2008, and if Tay Cody has a change of heart and becomes keen on playing for the Ticats again this year, it can be arranged. If not, Cody's decision to play in the AAFL might not significantly hamper his CFL trade value unless he gets injured.

the fact he wanted out kinda diminished any and all trade value....

but the fact we haven't heard anything from him in the past few weeks makes me think it's been smoothed over.

I don't see how it would diminish his trade value by not wanting to be here? I would think it would boost his trade value as teams know he is not happy and would be more than glad to bring him aboard their ship...furthermore, I think that the cats would not let him go for free obviously...and in return for Cody they would look for some value...IMO

i don't understand how he can sign with this other league, is he in an option year or something?

Very Simple He Just Did.
These Leagues don't Honor CFL Contacts:
AFL (Players and Coaches)
NCAA(for Coaches)
AAFL (players & Coaches)

Only league that dose is the NFL & Of Course the CFL
So we could see this more and more .
This tells me a lot about Tay

Yes, we could see more of it.

Funny thing about other leagues "honouring" CFL contracts....

In law, by signing in the AAFL, Cody has breached his contract with Hamilton. Hamilton could sue him (and the league) for damages. I believe we would win the case. Our rights stand on their own, and have nothing to do with whether the other league or the player "honours" our contract. Thing is, suing to assert our rights would be expensive and time-consuming, and hardly worth the effort in order to go after a player who doesn't want to be here anyway. The only real value of such a suit would be to send a message to the AAFL that CFL contracts are not to be ignored. If enough of this kind of thing happens, the CFL may need to consider doing just that. I hope it doesn't come to that.

People sometimes refer to this sort of poaching as "tampering". That really isn't the case. Tampering is something that occurs within a league, where the league can punish the offender by fines, cancellation of transactions, loss of draft choices etc.

The Problem is it would be more Negative PR.
The Team has way too much already this offseason.
Taaffe Gate Cody Crying Ticket Price and New Seating Prices

We can't afford anymore bad PR

anyone ever consider maybe he just wants to play more football then then 18 odd games that he gets with the cfl..... plus on the chance that his aafl team doesn't make the playoffs at least he will come to use in game shape

K17, probablty right. Play some ball, get in shape, make some money and report in good shape for end of training camp. Other players have done similar in years past with other spring leagues that have folded.

Says a lot about Tay. He's a guy that won't sit still while a dysfunctional franchise tries to screw him over.

Please explain how we tried to screw him over? Sure we tried him at different positions this year but the cats struggled (as usual) but to cause all this rucess simply because he wasn't mentioned by KP as a "Core player" is complete nonsense. If he was a team player he would understand.

Of course there's also the possibility that Cody could be back early if the AWFUL , uh, AAFL, shuts its doors for good before their season ends in June.