We should lock Chamblin in

I like what I see from Chamblin as a head coach. He has come in to Saskatchewan and is coaching a very young football team. I believe this guy has what it takes to win a few Grey Cups over the next five seasons or so. We should lock him in for the long haul.

While I generally agree, I am also interested to see what he does with his coaching staff if the secondary does not improve and general approach to games in the 4th does not improve. I have liked him thus far, but these areas are killing the club, and I would love to see his approach on the matter if trends are not altered.

I agree we should lock him in. As for what he does with the rest of the coaches, would love to see Richie Hall gone, that has been a sore spot with me from day one.

Let's look at that once Marshall is off the payroll :cry:

I agree this we need this guy locked-in for a long period of time. I’ve always liked his approach, style and character. I enjoy watching his interviews with the news media because he is direct, to the point, and he tells things straight up and just as they are. His answers always make a lot of sense to me and I like the way he handles himself in front of a media mike and around the team. He always seems quite certain of what he is looking for out of the players and the organization. GO COACH C

Yes, despite this slump I still like him. This is a massive rebuilding year, and I stated I was hoping for 8 wins. The superb start just created elevated expectations

Howdy. I like the young staff as well. Yes I like out HC.

I am not too worried on defense. They played well yesterday. D-line had a decent shove and got some pressure. Linebackers were pretty good and I think I feel Shomari at MLB played pretty darn good. DB's need some attention but this is a young group and most of them have less than 10 starts under their belt.

I am freaking about offense. If there is a coach that should be concerned its Bob Dyce. His play call is very inconsistent and he seems to adjust play calls depending on how the game goes? Yes coaches have to do this but I feel as though he has a plan, then adandons the plan and the offense is freelancing more than it should be. This offense is not much different than Doug berry's.............and everyone would have volunteered to drop him off at the airport.

Also, Khari Jones might not be ready for a Offense cooridantor role but he's the next in line?

Big big game on Saturday. We win and we're right back into it.

Edmonton and Stamps both lose games they should have technically won...........we're not the only one's not happy right now.

.................. A room with Hall and Dyce, and don't let them out until they have all figured out how to devise a pro game plan and call it accordingly during the game.

I agree. Some very strange calls this season. Let's get that straightened out quickly.

Riders are still the number one team in the league.

Brutal calls, They didn't even use dressler.

Just experimenting with BC as they meet them 4 times this year and maybe in the playoffs.

Go Riders Go