We should change the REPORT function to a BAN USER function

After reading through 7 pages of users crying about wanting certain posters banned I think I have come up with the ultimate solution that will make everybody happy. Basically, if for any reason one registered user dislikes any aspect of what any other user has posted, they will now have the ability to click an icon titled "Ban User". This will cause that user to be permanently IP banned from this site.

This banning will be immediate and final, and not subject to any review or appeal process. If a user feels slightly disturbed at all or just plain doesn't like someone for any reason (comments they have made, user name, the team they cheer for, etc.) they should have the right to permanently remove them lest they have to face the outrage of having to read an opinion that doesn't fall exactly in line with their own that is not delivered in exactly the tone they prefer.

It's time to join the 21st century guys and gals. Make it happen CFL.ca

That does sound like what some posters are asking for, doesn't it? I don't see any downside.

And a week or so later, the last poster remaining on the site could declare himself the winner of the internet.

crapwagon.com does a count down from 5.
If 5 posters agree, you are gonzo.. I managed to stir the pot there enough to get a couple people banned, but then got the axe myself..
Its actually alot of fun...haha.

That's deep... but good :thup: :thup:

...who would I celebrate with though (sigh)?

...not even remotely curious to know what that is all about...

Haha, well played sir.

On a related note, who was that assclown who admitted they created an account here just to "take on Area51?"

LOL, talk about being in over his head.

You guys are on a roll :lol:

Well done sir! Well done indeed :thup:

Pardon me while I go code a ban bot. I'm winning this thing! :cowboy:

Classic comments! :lol: