We really screwed up in the draft

In hindsight, our draft was brutal. Currently out of the 5 players drafted, one is on the team, on the 9 game injured list mind you, one is doing well so far in another NFL camp, and the other 3 have been cut. With the performance of our o-line tonight, and all the linemen you hear about from this draft doing well, it makes me wonder what Obie was thinking on that day. Even in the 2nd round there were quality offensive linemen available, and the first round has produced 3 starting offensive linemen so far. Where are we at? 13 sacks in the last 2 games, just brutal. there is alot of young talent in the receiving core and the backfield, but the offensive line needs a shake, save George Hudson and Marwan Hage, for now.


I just went off on the canucklehead offensive line in a thread I just started. Oops!

Great minds think a like.

  • paul

I think he went for the best available players, but I think you are correct in asking why they didn't go for an O-Line man with that display tonight. Even if they did though Oline seem to take a long time to develop.

Calgary seems to be doing fine with their two rookie guards, taken 2nd and 3rd overall mind you, we should have picked Tsoumpas up first, or atleast Woodruff with the 8th pick.

Well, it's not fair to judge them on the Barker pick because of the injury (any team would've taken him at the time), and until Giguere actually makes the Colts roster he could still come in and play well for us this season.

But you are dead on about the rest of our draft. What a disaster. Not too mention we traded a pick for nothing. (Or at least it appears we'll never find out who the Neg. list player was that we acquired.)

I do think Laurent Lavigne Masse will still be at camp next year though....didn't he go back to school or something?

Anyways, man it would be nice to have Tsoumpas right now.