'We play for each other': Bombers' dominant defence continues to shine

WINNIPEG — The Blue Bombers’ defence has made a statement through nine games this season. The unit leads the league with 12 interceptions, and their ability to completely shut down opposing offences has helped Winnipeg improve to 8-1 for the first time since 1960.

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Trevor Harris reminds me of that childhood train; you know the one ... I think I can, I think I can. But alas ... TH cannot. and honestly never could.

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That 6 points against in the 4th Q ALL YEAR is an insane stat.
That would be decent after 1 game, nevermind 9!

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers- 8-1 are the very best team in this crazy 2021 season. With 5 games remaining in the schedule it will be interesting to see their record after the regular season :question:

P.S. Anyone who has played sports or coached sports in their life knows the Golden Rule.
What does team stand for :question:

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We're only one QB injury away from needing everything our defense can give us. I'm trying hard to imagine what that group could achieve if it absolutely had to 'Rise to the Occasion'. :grin:

The other teams need to notch it up not one, but at least two gears, if anyone wants to wrestle the cup from Winnipeg. Class of the league(to state the obvious) right now.