We pick second overall again at the 2019 CFL Draft

We draft Second overall & #10 & 11 & 20 in 2019 CFL Draft.

Montreal forfeited their first round selection…by choosing a player in the supplemental draft…

#10 is the first return of the JM trade…

Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Finish 8-10. Host a playoff game. Come within a game of making the GC - get the 2nd overall pick.

West fans are gonna have a field day with this one.

That one was from the Bomben trade, not the Johnny trade. I didn’t care about it at the time because I was angry about how stupid the trade was otherwise, but I imagine my opinion could change slightly if we draft well next year.

They need to draft another solid O lineman like Ciraco. Having a stable full of elite National OL will go a long way, especially since they will all be young. The Cats should be set for years then. No more complaining about a weak O line. Now is their chance.

They should trade up to 1 and take the best skilled position player available…

Maybe send Revenberg to the Argos to move up one spot?

4 picks in the top 20,

  1. LOL, Exactly, rings a familiar bell, doesn’t it ?? :-[

Still waiting for that big #1 pick to arrive in Hamilton, whenever, if ever ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Chapman may not like playing in Salt Lake City in February . Imagine playing 5 home games in Hamilton in Feb., March, and April . You never know but he could be at training camp with us and rarin’ to go .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Is Chapman for real, or will he be all empty hype like Giguere? At least his time in the AAFL may help show us his true worth?

It is not a strong OL prospect draft in the top 20,
Interesting that a QB is listed, with the new CBA the rules around CAN QB’s could become important.

TORONTO – The Canadian Football League (CFL) Scouting Bureau revealed on Thursday its first edition of the top 20 prospects eligible for the 2019 CFL Draft.
Tennessee defensive lineman and Surrey, B.C. native Jonathan Kongbo tops the list, highlighting the first of three rankings to be published between now and the 2019 CFL Draft.
Laval’s Mathieu Betts, a defensive lineman from Montreal, and Connecticut receiver Hergy Mayala, also from Montreal, round out the top-three.
The CFL’s Scouting Bureau is comprised of CFL scouts, player personnel directors and general managers from the league’s nine teams. The next edition of the list comes in December, followed by the final list in April following the National Scouting Combine.

[td]Jonathan Kongbo[/td]
[td]Surrey, B.C.[/td]
[td]Mathieu Betts[/td]
[td]Montreal, QC[/td]
[td]Hergy Mayala[/td]
[td]Montreal, QC[/td]
[td]Shane Richards[/td]
[td]Oklahoma St.[/td]
[td]Calgary, AB[/td]
[td]Justin McInnis[/td]
[td]Arkansas St.[/td]
[td]Pierrefonds, QC[/td]
[td]Dejon Brissett[/td]
[td]Mississauga, ON[/td]
[td]Brady Oliveira[/td]
[td]North Dakota[/td]
[td]Winnipeg, MB[/td]
[td]Zach Wilkinson[/td]
[td]Northern Colorado[/td]
[td]Vancouver, B.C[/td]
[td]Alex Fontana[/td]
[td]Toronto, ON[/td]
[td]Alexandre Savard[/td]
[td]Quebec, QC[/td]
[td]Maleek Irons[/td]
[td]Chilliwack, B.C.[/td]
[td]Samuel Thomassin[/td]
[td]Quebec, QC[/td]
[td]Kurleigh Gittens Jr.[/td]
[td]Ottawa, ON[/td]
[td]Kaion Julien Grant[/td]
[td]St. Francis Xavier[/td]
[td]Toronto, ON[/td]
[td]Robbie Smith[/td]
[td]Brampton, ON[/td]
[td]Jamel Lyles[/td]
[td]Surrey, B.C.[/td]
[td]Jamie Harry[/td]
[td]Lachine, QC[/td]
[td]Maurice Simba[/td]
[td]Laval, QC[/td]
[td]Fraser Sopik[/td]
[td]Toronto, ON[/td]
[td]Michael O’Connor[/td]
[td]Orleans, ON[/td]


Don’t touch our O-Line. Its all we got going for us.

If having all these draft picks and picking high is so great, how come the stamps stay at the top of the league year after and they pick close to the bottom? ???

Not nearly the same Ontario representation as the last couple years in this draft list. Many of the Ontario kids are receiver where we are in a much stronger position than this time last season.

Well they find talented players in the later rounds of the draft or later in the first round.

There are only 9 teams

Even if you pick last you still get 2 picks in the top 18 of the draft

It’s not like you are picking 30th and 60th

Alex Singleton in 2016 was a game changer for them(We took Revenberg so we did fine)

Scouting Players character ,everyone does it , some teams develop players better.

I went through Calgarys National Players roster list to see how they have drafted thinking ,ah they must get a lot of talented free agents … I was surprised.

Free agents ,a few undrafted …5

#1st round picks drafted by Calgary… 4
#2nd’s 4
#3rd 4
#4th round drafted by Calgary 5
5th 2
6th 2
7th -
8th 1

Fourth round drafted players were five , does it make it a crap shoot ,ya ,somewhat ,lots of later coachable players with good attitude who were not stars on their teams become CFL regulars…
All teams have them

I remember when we had the first overall pick and chose the player everyone else agreed on ,or let on to, the wide receiver ,Chris Bauman ,I recall Mike Hogan who called the play by play and had the Fan 590 football show say, I think Getlaff could be just as good, he was wrong, Getzlaf was the better CFL player

Forget about #1. For the most part, our #1s were either a bust, or skipped to the NFL.
We still don’t see any benefit from our last #1.

Just draft high enough to get a quality player, who wants to play here, & not skip to the NFL.
The Eagle

Crash’s post of trading up to #1by trading one of our best O-Linemen was tongue in cheek… ;0)

As well as Singleton taken in the first round 2016 6th overall as Grover mentions ,Rob Maver ,Punter went 5th over all in 2010.

Rene Paredes, Kicker was a free agent National…