WE OWN CALVILLO- Lions going to the SHOW

Good news first, BC wins vs Hamilton, although that win was pretty much assured as Hamilton was young and had a young coach and an unproven QB in GLENN who is prone to choking in big games.

CONCERN- In every road game I must give credit to WALLY and BC, they are always in a position to WIN almost every road game, however MIKE BENEVIDES has to coach the DEFENSE better, we let everyone come back on us late in the 4th qtrs- They need to get more aggressive and make plays to win games-

This shows me that BC has the propensity to be one of the poorer teams at home in the CFL because of too many distractions in BC, like nice weather, tons of woman, wives, kids, basically a bad place to try and have players focus on football--

The Lions road play you can see they TRY 100% usually and are more focussed than at home. This team is a good road teamd and shows they can play with anyone and win anywhere except for CGY--

GOOD NEWS-- BC owns CALVILLO, we are in his head, and our Defensive strategy does not do well vs mobile QB's but does well vs QB's that cannot run --- Look at today we shut down GLENN because he never runs and throws from the same spot in the pocket every single down-- BC has always owned Calvillo and we have beaten MONTREAL with the likes of JARIOUS and BUCK, now we have a FERRARRI at QB in the top QB in the CFL easily in PRINTERS.
Calvill is a career choker and does not do well vs defenses like BC has. Their zones will take away what he is looking for and he will get happy feet. If we can pressure him at all we will win again-
We are one team that our defense works on is MTl and CALVILLO, we own him very good.

BAD NEWS- Montreal unlike like Hamilton who didnt want to play today and wanted the season to end is HUNGRY for a win also--- Montreal is hungry so they will also try 100% --

I think we can win vs MTl as the pressure will get to Calvillo and he will not handle the pressure at all-

We should be 2-0 this year vs MTL and always have owned them in past years- I think we can beat them again as I think we will get CALVILLO all rattled up.

Cool fairytale there... I think Printers is 1-6 lifetime against the Als. Wait till Diamond and Shea get their paws on your gal :lol:

Printers i assure you will have his dancing shoes on next week again, and he will make it happen, he is confident as ever and he will do what KURT WARNER did and lead this team to the GREY CUP and the win-

Montreal does not know what they are up against next week, they are up against a speed demon with a CANNON arm and GPS like accuracy on this THROWS and a smart football IQ like JOE Montana. That is printers--

He will rip it up next week, GEROY to da house--- BIG P gonna make it happen.

Cool post :thup:

If BC Beats Mtl, ill put up a Argo Sig tellnext seasion starts! Beating hamilton, is one thing.I knew it was going to be a close one and it was! Beating Mtl with out the reffs help IN the plays offf's is completly different!

Well cats in pac the lions almost beat MTL on their field without the refs. And history has shown that the lions had there fair share of success against Mtl. If you expect a blow out then think again.

The lions have a better road record then home said Cobra so that explain the identical 4-5 record on home and away!!!!!
LOL that explains everything Cobra! Yes thats why we the past few years Wally average at least 12 wins a year why this team does so poorly at home. Yup and some of us are trying to figure out why you decide to come back on the bangwagon since about a month ahalf ago in your eyes the lions future looked bleak..

If I was the Als, I'd be crappin in my boots right now seeing what CP can do with the o-line work we saw here in Hamilton. This could be a very interesting game, more than the pundits will let be known I think.

I don't know if the Lions "own" Calvillo but I certainly think the Lions are in his head. Of the 2 meetings B.C. was not blown out in either meeting, unlike several other teams. B.C. could have won both games. But then again B.C. could have lost both games too. :wink: What is important is that Montreal could not stomp the Lions into the ground like they did other teams. There has to be a reason for that.

It'll be interesting to see if a 2 week layoff for Montreal will be to their advantage. B.C. just came off a sensational win. Montreal is riding high on a 15/3 record but has been idle. Montreal scored the most points of all the teams and has had the fewest number of points scored against them. These stats are by a huge margin by the way.

Playoffs are a whole new ball game [no pun intended]. Calvillo knows it and so does the coaching staff. The Lions have the personnel to get the job done and beat Montreal. Mallet, Smart, Simon, Arceneux, Paris Jackson, Printers et al. They are all formidable. The offense has wracked up over 300 yards in each of the last 4 games. That is impressive. I think the Lions have turned the corner and are peeking just at the right time. It will be a dream come true to see them in Calgary on the 29th.

It is the D that I'm worried about. If we cannot stop the run and players like Cobourne and Cahoon then we'll be in trouble. If the game is close, especially with only a couple of minutes left on the clock and Montreal is down by just a few, you can count on Calvillo marching the ball down the entire field- even from his own 1 yard line. That is what is giving me nightmares.

I do not think the Lions are going to take it to Montreal by a huge margin but I do think the Lions can beat Montreal and do it on Montreal turf in front of a sell out crowd!

Sometimes I don't understand fans. From all the trash talk, you'd think the Lions were the 15-3 team and the Als were the worst team out of the western division that lost three of its last four games, backed into the playoffs because Winnipeg messed the bed, and needed the officiating to experience massive systems failure on every level to pull off their win against their playoff opponent ... at home.

I can assure you that we Als fans are not taking the Lions for granted. I have a lot of respect for Wally Buono, and this Lions team is dangerous in all three phases of the game. Printers seems to have given your offense the consistent spark it needed. I'm not trying to troll, but I find the attitude of a number of B.C. fans here baffling, and frankly more than a little disrespectful to my Alouettes.

Get that Argos sig ready! :smiley:

Yes, if Printers is as healthy as he was Sunday, we have a chance to beat Montreal. We will have to get after Cavillo though, because if he isn't under pressure he will cut our defense apart.

If BC can build from the positives from the Hamilton win, with a solid "D", healthy CP and plainly show up, it should be a win. Montreal is a great team but they are beatable!

I`ll be holding you to that pal...I can already make you a sig so you can have it ready for Sunday :twisted:

We have proven we can beat Montreal or keep it close with BUCK OR JACKSON, now with printers, I think we will do a lot better, and most of that game sunday, BC's defense looked like it improved a lot more then what it was. Montreal chokes against BC, and in big games, BC can handle the big games and know when they need it the most, I think we have an amazing chance,

He look’s pretty dam strong to me! :slight_smile:

Strong hell yeah, great work on the Squat and curl machine. Tough not so much :slight_smile:

Do we have a good chance of winning on Sunday? Yes.

Do we own Cavillo? No.

The Lions have a good opportunity to go into Montreal and catch a Als team that may be too rested not having played in two weeks, and longer since it needed to amp things up. B.C. will try and get a big jump early while the Als get their legs.

The problem is that Montreal has a very powerful offense that can strike quickly and rarely seem rattled by what happens during a game. The vet Cavillo will be a threat throughout the whole game and any time that the Lions sit back and admire, they will be burned. The Als have too many offensive weapons and present a “pick your poison” problem to defend against. We will win or lose this one with our DLine; bring pressure we win, fail and we will be picked apart.

As for us, the Lions have a revitalized offense that will force the Als to contain Printers and should allow for an open man on most plays. As we all know, a good passing game usually allows for a good running game and this should cause problems for the Als D which is playing the Lions for the third time this year but the first time with Printers in the line up.

I like the chance we have with Printers at QB, he can move the ball, sustain a drive allowing for a rested D, and if we get a good showing from our D we stand a good chance of winning the game, but it is far from a guaranteed win as we are the underdogs in this one for a reason…The ALs are good.

Lions 27-Als 24. :cowboy:

True, without the refs we almost beat them on THERE field, and now we have printers, and also want it more then ever. I say we have an amazing chance. Against Hamilton, we stopped the run the best we have all year, they got no big runs at all, we also sacked their QB a lot, so, I say, look out Montreal, cause, HERE WE COME.


Well i hope you don't paint us all that way , Because most of us do respect the Als and every football team in the CFL.
its the trolls that come on here as bangwagon fans that usually start these threads.