We owe Damon and the Argos an apology

Thanks to our team's pathetic display of football over the past...uhh, 3 years or so, I believe the Ticats owe Damon and the Argos an apology for making what should've been an amazing celebration of CFL football, into a ho-hum after thought.

Think of it...if we had even a remotely competitive team, it would've been a lock to have 35,000 at the Dome today.

However, a mere 26-and-change bothered to attend one of the greatest rivalries in all of sport, and an honouring of one of the greatest athletes in pro-sports history.

I have to figure that many Argonaut fans who saw the Labour Day debacle decided to hang on to their pennies as well...and wait for a more qualified opponent to come to town.

I guess, if there's any consolation, Toronto fans got a pretty good taste of NFL football today. Lotsa running, lotsa defence, mediocre quarterbacking, absence of passing, and premium on scoring.

Regardless, this could've been a great day for CFL football.

We don't owe him anything,,its the people of Toronto who should be ashamed!!

Did you see the Argo fan shown in the stands in the background after Jason threw the interception meant for Peterson.

The Argo fan threw up his hands and shook his head as if saying what the hell was that for a pass???

He looked sympathetic to our cause,maybe it was BarneyFife??

So the years we couldnt fill the seats the Argos owed us an apology. What the ...

Yes we do owe Dammon an appology.Did you watch your t.v. as the were honouring Dammon the Ti-Cats were int he background warming up,I believe Boreham was kicking fieldgoals 10 feet behind Dammon as he was giving his speech.

That is pathetic,not only cant we win any games,we cant stand still and listen to a man talk as he is being honoured.

The game was delayed for 25 minutes for something that should have been done before the scheduled start or at half time and the Cats are supposed to sit around and get cold? I don't think so.

If the ceremony had been 5-7 minutes, sure. But for 25 minutes? I don't think so.

No apologies necessary!

The Cats didn't come out until it was almost over.

I can see Lancaster's part in this. heaven forbid he allows his players to witness ANYTHING that has to do with success. :roll:

You've got to be kidding. Roger Clemens won the Cy Young award twice in Toronto and and the place never sold out. Toronto fans are known band wagon jumpers and always will be. Put an NFL team in that city and they would pack the place regardless of mthe quality of football being played, because it would mean a corporate cash grab; and that is all Toronto cares about.

im sure alot more argo fans woulda turned out if it was a game against a good opponent.... i mean, they draw over 30K for the Als, but 26K for the ticats..

i didnt pay my money to see the game today, cuz i knew it would be bad ( every game involving the ticats is terrible ), but i paid my money to see the damon ceremony.

Totally disagree. We owe them nothing. I've been to 5 games at the Dome this year and the attendance has never been anything to write home about for a city as large as Toronto. Factor in their inconsistent plays this year and you have the problem. The fans should be ashamed of themselves. They knew it was Damon Allen Day and they didn't even bother to come out and honour the guy. They owe him an apology not us.

As for us not being out there or warming up during the ceremony, tough. They didn't interrupt the ceremony and to be honest, toward the end of it I was getting a little ticked off. They waited until the game was about to start before they started it. Maybe Lancaster didnt want them out there because he didn't want them socializing with the other team :wink: They really needed to focus on the game and not all the pre-game festivities.

We dont owe them anytthing... 13 turnovers in 2 weeks? I say we've given them enough!

:lol: Too true.

Great accomplishment for Damon Allen......but yeah, I agree that the ceremony was far too long when the teams are mentally pumped to start at a specific time....

I think the ceremony in Hamilton was better in my opinion and hey, for all the speeches going on last night, perhaps somebody could have given a quick thanks to the Tiger-Cats fans and the team at Ivor Wynne last week for the classy standing ovation and acknowledgement of Allen's record....

..I guess they forgot :roll:

At any rate, congrats to Damon Allen 8)

OK for sure we S-U-C-K

but the play of the Argonaughts against us in the past two games shows that they were not that great either

They just won and beat a worse team thats all

Toronto folks only want an NFL team. There are not that many die-hard Argo fans.

Blame it on the 3pm start.

A 7pm game would have had over 35 000.

I don't think so. Toronto fans always tend to get indifferent when the Argos have a streak of success (look at the Flutie years).

We as fans don't owe our teams anything. They owe us. If we don't open our wallets, they don't exist. I'm buying a product--hopefully an entertaining afternoon or evening out. They're being paid to deliver it.

So Ticat fans owe Damon Allen zip. Cat fans (and Argo fans for that matter) got screwed by their teams delivering a lousy afternoon of football. They owed us and didn't deliver. Well, at least the Argos got the win so I guess it wasn't a total loss like it was for you guys.

An Argo fan

Is there anything TiCats fans wont biatch and whine about? Now it's our fault Skydome isn't sold out? Grow up and start acting like an adult.

Not only is there no need
for Hamilton fans to apologize to Toronto fans, Toronto should be thanking us.
After all, without Hamilton on the scene for so many Argo games this season, Damon Allen's stats wouldn't be quite so impressive as they are.
He must rub his hands with glee every time he sees Hamilton on the schedule, knowing full well that we are usually pushovers.
Damon's stats are not the only ones that get padded when they play us; all of their stats show amazing results like the Argos are a good football team or something, rather than the very mediocre team that they really are.
When they play Hamilton, of course, winning is automatic and this year in particular, they look great in areas such as interceptions, sacks, etc.

They should send flowers to the Ticat management and perhaps make donations to help finance next year's team because it is becomming more and more doubtful that Hamilton's traditionally fickle football fans will not.

We in Hamilton, are starved for a winner and it's just not happening.