We now know which team is the bottom feeder!

The Eskimos are redecorating the basement in green and gold! Is that not nice! Thanks for the memories!

you just dont see those eskie fan in here any more :? why is that?

they too busy buying paper bags...man Mass finally looks like a QB instead of a deer in headlights..Gratz Ticats you deserve this after a horrible season

The Esk fans arent around because they couldnt even beat, no offence hamilton fanz, the lowly Ti-Cats!

hey the real ones are still here give me a little time to get back from the game at least will ya?

I here they will be having therapy sessions for EE fans at the stadium next week. How to deal with failure? But Emax nothing to be ashamed at it was going to happen sooner or later. The fact is the Eskies are still the class of the league with 34 straight seasons of playoff action and many Grey Cups! This helps kill the pain for now! It is going to be funny with out seeing an Eskie team in there!