We now have an offense: that means playoffs

It's been a red flag all season, but (sigh) i think we've reached a learning curve right when it needed to happen the most.

I saw efficiency on the offense, which timing was slated on every play, where receivers made adjustments, as did the glenn show.

JOE SMITH. I mean, really. Just sick.

Of course, the running game has turned our season around ten fold with #32.

Need we ask for more. . .

Other than that, Moreno looks to me as if he came into replace Greg Battle - Kai Ellis answered our prayers.

I think this is finally coming together, now.

I agree 100% big, Bombers are looking like the team of 2007 and all it took was giving Fred Reid a chance to prove he is the real deal and Smith,Moreno brought new attitudes and it seems to be rubbing off on the whole team. Kevin looks awesome, like the MOP runner up last year, lets see how they play against the ESKS on Friday, if they win i will be convinced that we have a chance at the GC. GO BOMBERS!!

I have to admit, i'm just glad the bombers post-gc2007 hump has been cleared. At the same time last year, Glenn was under serious scrutiny, as were the bombers as I can recall. Their performance now is not so.

Well, i'm kind of disappointed no one sees it yet. But we've been in dismay since November of last years gc. It cost us big time, failures in attitude which lead to (a difficult decision firing the rb) but lead to keeping Glenn's ego in check just enough to prevent a total collapse of this season. The trick worked. The problem now is, can the bomber's host a post season, and repeat what we did last year.

The truth is: (if my suspicion is correct) our offense should be slightly better for the post season, especially now that widdie is bonafide in playing behind Glenn. (That is huge compared to last season.) Our running game is far better, than butter fingers Roberts. The defense won everything but the gc last year.

I kid you not, this team underestimated how hard a gc loss was to overcome since Nov07. It's a whole different season going into next game, I think this is exactly what's happening with the bomber's now. Very important to remember Nov07 just how reliant things get for the stretch drive.

I don't know about play=offs...but that picture is certainly looking better...We have to take one game at a time and that would be Ricky and the schmoes this Fri.....I think its about time we really laid a little hurt on someone...Serious time for the BigBlue..
see how many times i got time in there....IT'S TIME :wink: :rockin:

Toronto and Hamilton are practically handing the Bombers a playoff spot with their poor play. If the Bombers don't make the playoffs now, I will be shocked.

Okay, I like those responses. But for sake of argument the seed that was planted let's call it: (post Nov07 gc loss). I would say paints a pretty large measuring point for this team. You know how it goes: what really measures a team? I argue, through changes (Armstead, Serna, Moreno, Smith, Reid) are the crucial elements. These guys are helping a fairly egotistical-arrogant-childish brand of football, completely overcome (again for the sake of argument) Nov07.

Think about it.

It's not because of Bauer, or Taman, or Berry. These players are so critical to the success of a team that can easily be 2-10 (1=win/Glenn 1=win/Widdie) instead of 4-8 = much more promising.

Without these guys stated above, I'd say, a team with Glenn returning to form due to a running game resulted in calling his own plays much more effectively. Terrance Edwards was almost non-existent for the first 8 games of the season, and Armstrong dropping catchable balls. Now it's entirely the opposite.

Also, part of this all boils down to the main argument which becomes how negligent the entire team's philosophy (Doug Berry - especially Doug Berry included) lost sight of over-coming that gc loss in 07. When Sask. came in here and we lost to Bishop - of all qb's - that our defense shut down in Toronto's 07' east.final?? I couldn't believe how far we had to go, that this team couldn't lay a beat down on Sask. for stealing what was ours. I was dumbfounded by the players lack of effort/desire was embarassing.

Then Roberts is traded.

Sask. beats us at home, with Glenn's lousy 4th qrt leadership. 2-out's was what sealed our fate that Sunday @ Canada Inns.

Now here we are, with a team that has begun to believe in playing football again, but it has to be for the right reason. That reason I suggest, is because the players forgot to feel what losing that gc in 07' was about.

If my theory proves correct, this team can go into Mtl come Nov., and clean up at Molson Stadium.

I don't understand parts of your argument. You state that Armstead, Serna, Moreno, Smith, Reid are changes that are helping. Crucial in fact, but then you go on to say that It's not because of Bauer, or Taman, or Berry.

Who do you think brought those players here???

You lay the Banjo Bowl 4th qtr meltdown at Glenn's feet. I have a big problem with that. Clearly the problem was the secondary completely imploding that was the reason for that loss. Glenn was pretty good in that game against arguably the leagues best defense.

Frankly I hope these guys DON'T forget what losing that game felt like...I hope it's burned into them.

Quite frankly, i think you are wrong in your assesment of the main argument. Sure b/t/berry could have spared this train wreck from occuring far before the changes were made. Therefore, you are wrong about where you've assumed "bringing in those players" should be attributed to managment. It was mngt that dropped the ball since this season began. The truth lies in the players (I forgot to mention kai ellis) that have picked up where we should have left off after Nov07 gc loss. (I think that should make more sense now.) The concluded part of that argument: is for those players such as (Armstrong, Edwards) who were so crucial in getting us to nov07gc should have been a wake up call into this year. It wasn't. Instead, the leaders from last years team totally packed up the tent. . . if that doesn't make sense to you. . . considering now new leaders have emerged, the nov07gc was clearly the stumbling block. It's the new blood that leads the charge now, as last years team have to pick up their slack. It's a clear indication that last years blow is now forgotton, because of the right players, not necessarily our inept mangament material on maroons road.

Tell me, are there any other team members the bombers have that could actually make this argument from 07-08? It's the players attitudes. It's a huge intangible to have when getting to the scrappiest part of the season.

Just watch.

I am not confident of the play of Kevin Glenn. He play is very sporadic. Missed opportunities are his nickname. we clearly need a new quarterback. 4 wins at this stage of the season is not acceptable. You cannot count on the defense to bail out Glenn and the offence on a regular basis. With the receivers we have we should be posting 30 points a game, which we don't. The reason we are in the mess is because of Taman. It concerns me that Winnipeg fans accept Tamans incompetance and that we only have 4 wins to date. looks like we are under achievers.

Kevin has looked a little more at ease lately....i'll cut him some slack....a good game against the esks. tonight will really signal to the league....the Bombers are gonna be tough down the stretch :wink: and Glenn has found his game

With respect to the offense, one word "injuries".

Stegall, Armstrong & Edwards were all dinged up early, which is why Bryant got off to such a quick start and has since tailed off. Add in 3 starters on the o-line and a running back who would rather chase skirts and smoke than work hard and you've got a mess without even mentioning Kitt's ability to call a game.

The defense has for the most part played okay all year and I don't really think that Moreno and Ellis are upgrades to Simpson & Canada. The real difference has been the play of Amos, Johnson, Malveaux and Samuals in the secondary, those four have been rock solid of late.

I do agree that this team was suffering a "GC hangover" despite not winning it. I think most of them felt that they should of and would get back again this year with it on cruise control. Management just woke them up with the trades, which imo, didn't significantly upgrade the talent.

Another player I forgot to mention was Samuels. Samuels could very well be the feel good story for this team's season thus far.

I am a huge believer in the make-up of a post-gc loss does to a teams inner psyche. It runs a deep current psychologically. So much so, in fact, I would break the bank on it simply based on the experience.

I certainly agree with you BigC, as far as a problem with the attitude with the players goes. No question. However, I think Pigseye is closer to the truth as far as the reason. I think the truth is that the 'Grey Cup Hangover' as we're been experiencing is more likely to the players expecting to get there again, as opposed to being too badly stung by the loss. The 07 team surely had no reason to hang their heads after that game. They played as well, and performed as well as could be expected.

So...was there a problem with some attitudes and a lack of leadership from some players? It would seem so. So what happened? Management went out and did something about it.

Taman and Taman alone is responsible for bringing alot of those guys in, I mean, that's the bulk of his job, getting the personnel in here. Cripes Man, we got Zeke for a first round pick and a guy that may never come to the cfl. The Roberts for Smith trade is paying off, if only that it got Roberts out of Reid's way.

I don't understand what Bauer has to do with this either. I'm willing to bet that Lyle has very little to do with the day to day football operations.

Please understand, I don't take issue with you conclusion, that being that there was absolutely a problem with some attitudes on the field. I just don't agree with how you got there. I understand what you're saying, I just don't agree. :smiley: