We Needed this

I'm kinda glad we got our butts whooped today, they needed it. The last game was pretty uninspired and this game just had no consistency. We needed to get some humble pie, and boy did they get their fill.
Hopefully it gets the boys fired up to get back what they had, cause we have some big games coming up.
It all starts with making an example of these upstart Riders next week! :rockin:

Winnipeg although were 7-1 did not beat any quality opponents this season. 4 wins vs the Argos and Lions and one vs Edmonton who is not good at all. 2 wins vs Hamilton and the 2nd win was very lucky as Chris Williams fumbled on the goal line--

I do not like the direction this team is going in, they were on top of the world before the Hamilton game and after GLENN picked them apart all game, the players seemed to have let the emotion take over. The media is toying with the Bombers, they are so concerned about the media and how good they are.

Facts remain that this a strong defensive team, but not Dominant Defense- Teams have adjusted and understand that with time deep pass plays are their for the taking. Durant Glenn abused Winnipeg on deep attempts in both games. There are no more interceptions, Odell Willis is being schemed for now.
However this defense does not give up huge points and is still one of the top defenses in the CFL--

Offensively I feel that this team will become the 2nd worst team in the CFL after Toronto. The Winnipeg O line is not good and cannot protect Pierce properly. You now see why Wally let Pierce go, in tight games vs good competition he simply cannot do it. Pierce never beat Calgary when he was with BC and also struggled vs Sask. The offense is super simplistic, all hooks and short passes. This offense leads the league in 2 and outs, and I dont see them improving at all this season. Their O line gets worked by every pass rush in the CFL-

After Heffney had that tirade vs Hamilton after protesting a CALL, the Bombers went into the tank defensively. When Mr. Shutdown himself was abused by Chris Williams the bombers d went south-

2 ejections , what does stewart expect? He is flexing his muscles like an idiot on the field- Winnipeg is proving to be too emotional, not a smart team, with no ability to move the ball consistently.

Pierce's hot start was nothing but a lucky streak, and the bombers D although good was nowhere near what they were made up to be.

Watch the game at Calgary, and you will witness JOhn Huffnagel outcoaching the hell out of Lapolice.

Lapolice is simply not a good game day coach- He has no control, no adjustments, same boring offense--

Agree with alot of that, Bombers as a team have become a little fat headed with the media kissing their arse 24/7.Don't know what's worse, hearing "Swaggerville" 152x during each edition of Sportscentre or having them talk about Sidney Crosby as the greatest hockey player by far today. :roll:
Don't get me wrong Bomber fans, i'm very proud of what your teams done and the support of the fans is astonishing.I just could do without the media BS.

This looked like the Pooblah audition tape, I'd say he passed. Reid otoh could be on thin ice, he just isn't built to run inside out of shot gun. Even a really bad offense usually gets a sniff at the end zone once a game, but not this time.

Bombers are the epitamy of average- Last year they were not a 4-14 team, more like a 9-9 team with a lot of bad luck.

This season they are not a 7-1 team, more like a 5-3 team-- They need to improve on offense and be like CGY or MONT, they are not consistent enough and their passing game is getting ridiculous to watch--

Lapolice is employing a DINK and DUNK offense, mostly short passes with runs after catches and really long passes. They are so predictable and REID is not built like Joffrey Reynolds or a huge Running back--

Bombers have lots of work to do- I would consider giving BRINk a look, he at least stands in the pocket and throws the ball mid range with authority--

The knock on BUCK when he was with BC is that he takes the snap, stands there, looks and quickly pulls the ball down and RUNS, he doesent allow for the play to develop, and he becomes a running back--

BUCK needs to be a POCKET PASSER for PEG to win, you saw today when he does the old PULL the ball down and starts running--

Sadly this may be true but I don't think this is all on Reid. Reid is playing hard, he's grinding out tough yards but I've said it before and I'll say it again, a lot of the run games problem comes down to offensive design and play calling. Half the time they run the ball it's blatantly obvious a run play is coming. 2nd and short, they are running up the middle on most every play and bring up a slot to the help block at the line just to make it that much more obvious, who is going to be successful with that? Even the TSN guys were commenting on the predictability of this offence and if Suitor's caught on... Lapo needs to scale back what he's doing and just focus on being a HC and either have Baressi do his job as OC or find someone else he can have confidence in. This O has much more talent than it has shown in its production on the field since Lapo has become HC. Maybe a case of too much responsibility for a still relatively inexperienced HC.

I would agree that the media has helped build up the swagger phenomenon and some of the players are buying into the press clippings and playing fueled by their hype and not their talent. The last 2 games haven't been their best effort. Time to rededicate the focus onto the field. That said, how can refs keep missing all the holding teams are doing against Willis!!! Unbelievable that some of those are not called and its been brutal the last 2 weeks. Also the ejection on Stewart - how does Robinson not get tossed as well? He just launched himself into Stewart's lower body and the ball wasn't anywhere hear them. I would've been pissed too, the only play the Rider receiver Robinson made all day and its a dirty play.

LDC classic jinx continues, just can't seem to put up a big time performance out there. Riders were due for a win, Bombers weren't going to finish 17-1. Climb off the bridge, despite any deficiencies we're still the better team though and the Banjo will show it.

Bomber's looked sad, I fully expect them to win the banjo bowl, but forget painting the cup blue, try red this year, maybe even green as if we beat you in the bowl, kiss er goodbye!

Yep the Bombers are looking sad and I really dont think they will be able to do much more than be a middle of the pack team.

Lapolice is simply not in the league of Trestman and Huffnagel. He is too hyper on the sidelines and believes he is the best mind in the CFL on offense.

Lapolice is not using the talent available on this team. Edwards is being completely wasted- He is telling Buck to look right where he wants to throw it and is throwing way too many passes to the wideouts-- CFL is a slotback league, Buck simply is not willing to stand in the pocket and make the throws down the middle of the field- BRINK would stand there and do that because he is much taller and a product of Washington State-

Buck from his days in BC had very good receivers, but Geroy and Paris really wanted Jarious Jackson to be the QB because he would stand there and DELIVER the ball, BUCK just does not deliver the ball--
Vs CGY in the 4th qtrs despite BC having a reallly good team , it was no match- CGY would send pressure and BUCK would fold every single time.
Todays performance was reminiscent of the real Buck Pierce--

Buck has beaten no one this season- THe defense was able to defeat CLEO LEMON in Winnipeg- Dalton BELL in Toronto who wont be in the league next week- Winnipeg beat BC again with the DEFENSE smashing BC's weak O line. Buck did nothing that game in BC- IN fact winnipeg scored 29 points despite BC getting no first downs in that 2nd half and committing turnover after turnover.
Buck did not play well vs BC at home also and it was BRINK who delivered the game winning td vs the LIons--

Buck played good vs EDMONTON, but who exactly hasnt? LULAY had a career day vs Edmonton, Calvillo torched them, and BURRIS will torch Edmonton tomorrow.

I really think BRINK is a much better QB than PIERCE- There is a reason why Travis Lulay is the starter in BC and BUCK was let go.

The reason Lapolice runs this CFl west coast version is because BUCK can only throw the ball right off the snap or he will HOLD the ball and pull it down every single time and then run and try to be a running back.

Also Lapolice has lost control of this defense- It would help if TIM BURKE is on the sidelines and not in the press box as these guys have no composure- HEFFNEY needs to stop crying about that out and up that Chris Willliams burned Javon Johnson on. After that play the invincibility of the Bombers and Swaggerville was destroyed. This defense still has not recovered from that Chris Williams TD on the out and up move.

Beasley and Stewart need to be disciplined, playing like total idiots out there today.
Ken Miller outcoached the hell out of Lapolice, I think the big boys, Huffnagel and Trestman will do the same now-

Kito Pablo is good but come on, this is not touch football, how many 5 yard passes can they throw to him? Durant was stretching the field- The good teams stretch the field--
Lapolice your offense does not work in the CFL with a WEAK O LINE, a QB who is ready to run and wont stand in the pocket like a strong QB, and a field goal kicker anyway who can miss pretty routine fgoals-

CARR is not a 5 yard receiver, wake up Lapolice, he is extremely long and lanky and slow off the line- SO genius Laolice uses him on short routes-- They throw it deep to CARR and guess what oh my god a 40 yard completion-- Where is Edwards on a deep corner? Denmark on deeper routes?

lapolice was so naive that he bought into the SWAggerville HYPE HIMSELF and actually thought that no CFL team would score on his defense- Subsequently he said okay on offense we will just play it safe and complete short passes and not turnover the ball-- Well now that opposing offenses have learned you can do a double move for at least 2 easy td's a game, winnipeg will have to have a real offense.

Hey Guru, you must have been waiting all year to give us your opinion on the state of our team. So nice of you to do that after a loss.
Every team in the league has off nights/weeks. A season is filled with highs and lows, if you are going to come on here and dis the team like that after a loss, be sure to let us know how great the team is when we put in another dominate performance.

I'm not worried. This is still a helluva team. Yes we have some work to do, but this team has shown they can control the game, dominate. I fully believe we'll get it back and shut all these haters back up again.

LetsGoBlue is right on. I've never even heard of this Guru clown before. Is it alright if we give Lapo your views on what 's wrong with the team? You seem to think you have insight into how Lapo and others think, so you're a troll and a mind reader....Hmmm, that makes you an asshole who thinks he knows everything! From what I can tell, you're a Lion fan. How's their record? Have you been helping Wally with your vast knowledge? I guess the Lions have only played Mont. and Cal. for their 3-6 standing............. The Bombers are a young team with a young coach, nobody expected perfection. At the same time when there is something to be proud of after years of futility , you have immature clowns just waiting to pounce on any mistakes.

But you're forgetting how ripped Buck is. :lol: :lol: :lol:

No kidding. You'd think with the multitude of problems over there on the West Coast with their sports teams, he'd be busy dissecting his own teams rather than worry himself about what's going on here. But I guess it could give you ulcers trying to think about how to fix the Lions, so I can understand why you'd try and fix the Bombers. It is more obtainable! :cowboy:

Winnipeg is a pretty good team, but their offensive line is awful. It might be the worst in the league. Saskatchewan was last in sacks coming into this week, yet their ends were getting to Pierce on nearly every play while the tackles were busy blowing up every run play.

Are there any guys waiting in the wings that could potentially replace the under-performers on the line?

The oline isn't the entire problem though. The offense is pretty simple, shotgun zone read, same one Calgary runs with much success. The difference is Buck v Burris. Burris knows when to pull the ball from the back and roll out and throws great off it. Buck just can't do what Burris does as an athlete, nor would the Bombers want him to try in what was really a nothing game for them. I would want him safe and healthy until the playoffs roll around or at least until you're playing for your playoff lives.

Guru says 'you need a pocket passer' well that couldn't be further from the truth unless you change the base offense, 7 defenders will always beat 5 or 6 blockers if you expect your QB to stand in the pocket and wait for receivers to open up.

Nope, not when your offence is last in every stat category, there has to be more to it than that.

...Once again take your neg. comments out of here :thdn:

....Don't need those kinds of comments in here 15 champs. .. If theres' been any arse kissing it'sthe pitiful way the media laps-up all the b.s out of the hammer....You don't like swaggerville ....get lost ...Go back to your own site with your neg. comments or risk being labelled a 'troll'...These kinds of post in here will be reported. :wink:

Pleeeaaasse don't tell on us. From now on when we come on here we will be nothing but positive, just like the one below. :lol: :lol: :lol:

by papazoola » 05 Sep, 2011 - 06:14

......Like day and night....I wondered when the lack of offence would catch up to us...Horrible playcalling on Labour Day....Our D needs more than what that pitiful effort offered in Sask...Is it coaching???Is it the players????O Line need? a shake-up????..We definitely have solid receivers....Where's the game plan to utilize them????Ain't been there so far this year...If i were a defensive player on the Bombers i would be suing the offence for NON-SUPPORT...AND please Lapo ...get a bloody return game...If we have a guy in Tim Brown that can do it...let's see it...The mystery surrounding this guy is becoming an embarrassment...If he's a player and he's healthy ..PLAY HIM FOR CRIPES SAKE....He certainly can't be worse than what we have fielded so far this year....Poor field position is costing this team BIG TIME....It's been staring the Bombers in the face for awhile now....Fail to correct and give this offence a much needed break will only result in more of the same which we witnessed on Labour Day
One other aside and it has to do with challenges and that's on Lapo...Why wasn't the spot challenged when it was so obvious that Reid had picked up that first down...Was Lapo saving that challenge for the fifth quarter Bad mistake...Couldn't see an ything i liked about this team last game...(except maybe Kito starting to show something)..I hope we are better on Banjo Day... ...one of the most integral parts overlooked in conversation....is to hear what's NOT being said....Anonymous

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Taleback....that's my prerogative to be negative on MY SITE....I guess you still don't get it....This is a safe haven for 'Bomber Fans'...We can be positive neg. or whatever (within reason)....You ...Not so much...So i hope it sinks in...I'm not the mod. on this site but my take on certain postings can easily be passed on and after certain events that have transpired on this board lately..I'm sure pigseye will be only too willing to act on it....comprende :wink:

Some of the posts on here are absolutely ridiculous.

We're 7-2.

Calgary is 6-3. Montreal is 6-3. Haven't beat anyone good? If you actually look at anything instead of blindly spouting off whatever garbage comes to your mouth you'd probably see that we have as many wins against teams with good records as anyone else.

Our offensive line SUCKS. jordan02 has it exactly right. The Bombers are a very good team, but our O-line is awful. The only other spot I'd be looking at is RB. I've defended Reid all year but it's true that running inside isn't his forte and it seems to be what LaPo wants to do.

Our passing game is not a lot more dink-and-dunk than most other teams in the league (although there were next to no bombs against Saskatchewan, there have been enough longer passes in other games). And heck if nobody can tackle Poblah before he runs for 10 yards I'd throw 5 yard passes to him all game too.

When the O-line improves, the rest of the offense will too. There's way too much talent there for it not to - it's impressive it's been as good as it has with the state of our O-line right now.