Looking at the forum today, man did we even need this win. Ticats.ca is jumpin'....with POSITIVITY.


lets not forget. remember last year after we killed Winnipeg in week 5. Lumsden had an incredible game and everyone was saying how our season was saved and we might actually me good and that lumsden was gunna have an incredible season and then we didnt win again till october or whatever it was.

i am not trying to bring out any negativity but lets not get too excited till we see next weeks game

This is NOT last years team though..

This will be the best weekend I can remember in a long time just knowing we have a team that can be competetive!


It WAS until last night. Now we have seen what they can do, all of us critics should put last week and last season behind us. Its a new start :thup: .

No it was not the same team. 20 new players on a 42 man roster is certainly not last years team. They only kept what was worth keeping.

Just because they had a slow start in game 1 doesn't mean they have anything in common with last years team. I have not seen the Cats execute like that on offense for at least 5-6 years. It was almost tear inducing. The overall misdirection and genius of those late handoffs was nothing short of beautiful.

zenstate: Regardless of how many new players were added...they had everything in common with last years team until last night.
As for the rest of your post.....
:thup: :smiley:

Well, we wont have to smoulder through another 0-4 start. 1-4 ISNT something I have in mind either, but I digress. LOL

Casey and Jesse are an ideal two-headed monster for our offense. If the team can eliminate mistakes and boneheaded discipline issues on a regular basis, it means the team can be competitive throughout the game. That allows Lumsden to remain a factor, meaning that Thursday`s m.o. can be a more regular sight in Tigertown.

Oski Wee Wee,

Remebmer, never get too low with a loss and too high with a win, be Danny Mac cool

Be like Casy P Hyper. :lol:

take into account, the ticats are 3-1 including the preseason…and they’re only loss was to montreal, who looks head-and-shoulders the best team in the league so far.