We needed that Win!

Man the only game I've missed.
What the Hell happened against Ottawa? We were ahead I read by a fair amount.

That was such an important game and at home to keep up pressure for playoffs.

Now ya think we're going to beat Calgary in their stadium next week?!
And both Winnipeg and Edmonton have very winnable games.
What happened in the only game I didn't have a chance to get to or watch???

McAdoo decided that nursing a lead with little time remaining was a good time to keep it in the air.

I player, late in the game, decided to leave his feet while 2 yards away from a QB to try to block a pass (hello mate, so you want a new asshole chewed into you huh) and obviously momentum carried him into the QB

2 of the key things anyways

From a few other things I've read, Dam hard for players to win the game, if the coaching loses it!!
In my opinion, that loss could have smashed our realistic play-off chances if the Riders can't take the next step NOW against Calgary and stop losing games stupidly......like this last one!

Coaching is a lame excuse on this one IMO...and I am all for Jumping on McAdoo...did the moment it was announced he was coming. Yeah...there were a few instances that questionable calls were made but execution wss a big issue

hard to win games when you get to the red zone and can't finish. I am at a point maybe time to use BB more, I am sure he would of had a few more TD's, I like Glen, but he could not finnish, and maybe some bad calls from Macadoodoo!!

Meh...ya that suxx to lose that one, when it was there to win. But, I personally would not have imagined them going 6-2 in their previous 8 games (I think that is accurate) so I' prepared to cut them some slack. They definitely have things to continue to work on, but for this stage of their "rebuild" I'd say they are slightly above expectations. Don't get me wrong, it (the loss) still pisses me off, but big picture they're fine. And "NO" Glenn should not have been replaced by BB...IMHO.

Tough to knock 74% passing, 387 yards and 2 TDs...even with 2 picks...one that was tipped and the other a bad decision but also a very nice pic. He is also getting "inconsistent" protection.